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How Durable Is the Nintendo Switch?

Are you wondering just how durable the Switch and Switch Lite really are? Check out these Nintendo Switch durability tests and check out some recommended accessories to keep your Nintendo Switch safe.

What’s the best microSD card for Nintendo Switch?

Looking for the best microSD card for Nintendo Switch? There are a variety of cards that work well in the system from Sandisk and Samsung. Here’s our recommendations for best Switch microSD.

The Best Switch Screen Protector

Looking for the best Switch screen protector for your new console? Tempered glass screen protectors offer lots of protection and will keep your Switch screen scratch-free.

Before the Joy-Cons – Nintendo Experimented with a Modular Controller Concept

Back in 2013, Nintendo patented a new controller concept that featured modular design. Parts like analog sticks, D-Pads, and additional buttons could be swapped out at will. The design is likely a precursor to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

Best Super Mario Maker 2 Stylus

People who pre-ordered Super Mario Maker 2 can get a free stylus. Everyone else should check our list for the best Super Mario Maker 2 stylus.

Anker Switch Power Bank Review

Looking for a power bank for the Nintendo Switch that offers multiple charges in a small package? Look no further than the Anker PowerCore 13,400 Nintendo Switch edition. Here’s our full review.

Pro Controller vs. PowerA Controller

The Switch Pro Controller is a hefty piece of hardware, how does it stack up against PowerA’s licensed controllers?

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