Nintendo Switch durability

Are you wondering how well the Nintendo Switch durability holds up? Read on.

When the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017, there were some questions about its durability. Early consoles were reported to warp in the dock or see screen scratches from the dock.

These issues are mostly resolved now that we’re three years into the Nintendo Switch life cycle. Nintendo has delivered the Switch Lite, a smaller hand-held only version of the console. There are also rumors that a ‘Switch Pro’ is on the way, with beefier specs and a larger screen.

The Joy-Con disconnection issues seem to be mostly resolved now, too. Now that the Nintendo Switch has reached 20 million units sold in the United States, the most prevalent complaint is Joy-Con drift. You can learn how to fix Joy-Con drift with this simple trick that costs less than $10.

Nintendo Switch Durability

Zack of the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel does an admirable job testing durability. He mostly focuses on smartphones and other smart gadgets, but he has tested both the Switch and the Switch Lite.

Many people tune in to JerryRigEverything to watch their favorite smartphones be destroyed. Zack doesn’t go easy on the Nintendo Switch, testing the plastic and even bendability. Next, he turns his attention to the Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite Durability

As you can see, both consoles are pretty robust when it comes to damage. It takes deliberate damage to mar the screen of both the Switch and the Switch Lite. That being said, you should probably use a screen protector with your console.

Protect Your Nintendo Switch

Keep your console safe from damage if you plan on carrying it with you. Invest in a well-made tempered glass screen protector and a case for your Switch. The brand linked below, amFilm, gives you two protectors per pack just in case you mess one up.

If you experience Joy-Con drift, you can fix it using electrical contact cleaner. If you are mechanically inclined, you can replace your worn analog sticks yourself. Kits available on Amazon make it easy as long as you follow along with a YouTube video.

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