If you have enjoyed the content on the site and want to give back, there are a variety of ways you can support us. Simply browsing the site with your ad blocker disabled is one way to help. However, if you prefer not to support the site with ads, please consider one of these alternative means.

Support Ninty Gamer on Patreon

You can support our website by contributing directly to us via Patreon. We publish new reviews and interviews regularly and support starts at only $1 a month. There are no additional tiers and content is not time-gated or restricted in any way. Contribute because you enjoy the content and want to see more. That means more to me than gating off content to people who can pay to see it.

Support Ninty Gamer Through Amazon & Raise

Another way you can support the site indirectly is by buying items on Amazon using our affiliate code. We’ll get a small portion of the sale that we use to keep the site running. You can also get $5 and up to 10% off Nintendo eShop gift cards at Raise. If you sign up using our link, we’ll get $5 that we use to buy eShop cards to keep the reviews coming.

Support Ninty Gamer with BAT

There are no nagging screens on Ninty Gamer begging you to turn off your ad blocker. We get it, the modern implementation of ads on the internet is annoying (but unfortunately necessary for now). One alternative to this terrible advertising system is the brainchild of one of Mozilla’s co-founders.

Brave is based on Chromium and features built-in ad and script blocking. In addition to Incognito Mode, Brave features a privacy window option that utilizes the TOR network for truly anonymized browsing. Did I mention that you can install all your favorite Chrome extensions, too? What sets Brave apart is the system it uses to make sure content creators get paid.

How does support through Brave work?

The Brave browser features a built-in cryptocurrency called the Basic Attention Token. BAT is paid to browser users who join the Brave Rewards program. If you prefer not to earn BAT through browsing, you can buy BAT on most cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase.

Earning BAT through Brave is completely optional and provides a way for you to support your favorite content creators. This unique take on giving you a choice in who you support while browsing the web could revolutionize the way we interact with content, without requiring paid content gates. I believe in a free and open web and I think Brave and BAT is an excellent way to achieve that.