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You can support our website by contributing directly to us via Patreon. We publish new reviews and interviews regularly and support starts at only $1 a month. There are no additional tiers and content is not time-gated or restricted in any way. Contribute because you enjoy the content and want to see more.

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Another way you can support the site indirectly is by buying items on Amazon using our affiliate code. We’ll get a small portion of the sale that we use to keep the site running. We regularly highlight new controllers, accessories, and other products that are available with two-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

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You can also get $5 and up to 10% off Nintendo eShop gift cards at Raise. Raise is a third-party gift card market where you can stock up on your favorite gift cards. They regularly run promotions where you can save a bundle on Nintendo eShop codes.

The best part about using codes is paying $40 for $50 of eShop credit. You still get the full amount of gold coins for any games you purchase, even though you didn’t pay the full price. If you sign up using our link, we’ll get $5 that we use to buy eShop cards to keep the reviews coming. Check out our review of Raise as a platform to see if it’s right for you.

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