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Check out these Pokemon Nanoblocks kits. They’re gorgeous pixelized representations of some of the most popular Pokemon in the series.

Nanoblocks are like LEGO kits that have been miniaturized. They are not compatible with LEGO kits and are much smaller in size. The small size makes them more suitable for teen or adult fans of the Pokemon series. Check out this post if you’re looking for Pokemon gift ideas that aren’t choking hazards for younger children.

Nanoblocks are tiny compared to LEGO (blocks in the background).

Nanoblock kits come in a variety of themes, but one of the most popular are their Pokemon kits. Several Pokemon are available to buy right now, while others are preorders. Some of the Pokemon from Sword & Shield will be available later this year.

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nanoblocks bulbasaur

Bulbasaur is the Smitty Werben Jaeger Man Jensen of the Pokemon world… because he’s number one. The nanoblock kits for these original starters also include their final evolutions, which look pretty grand. Check them out.

Buy Now: Bulbasaur Nanoblocks Kit


nanoblocks squirtle

This Squirtle Pokemon kit is one of the cutest of the lot, thanks to his already diminutive appearance. His nose looks a tad flat considering Squirtle’s actual nose, but not bad for a limited set of what are essentially physical pixels.

Buy Now: Squirtle Nanoblocks Kit


charmander kit

Out of the original three starter Pokemon, Charmander is by far the favorite. His cute lizard-like appearance with the flame tail is second to none. The Charizard nanoblocks kit also looks great, with his wings outstretched and fangs clearly visible.

Buy Now: Charmander Nanoblocks Kit


gengar kit

Everyone’s favorite ghostyboi is also a nanoblocks kit. His mischievous grin is well-represented and anyone who loves him is sure to love this little kit.

Buy Now: Gengar Nanoblocks Kit


lapras nanoblocks pokemon

No Pokemon nanoblocks team is complete without a Lapras with Surf. You’ll have to build him first before you can teach him this TM (TM not included).

Buy Now: Lapras Nanoblocks Kit

More Pokemon Nanoblocks Kits


gyarados nanoblocks kit

Evolving a Gyarados from a magikarp is something every aspiring Pokemon trainer does at least once in their journey. Unfortunately, nanoblocks only made the traditional Gyarados available, so no red version (yet).

Buy Now: Gyarados Nanoblocks Kit


snorlax nanoblocks kit

It took Snorlax 30 years to stand up in the Pokemon universe. But now that we’ve finally got his attention, you can snag a model of him in nanoblocks form. He’s cute, standing up, and weighs a ton (not literal).

Buy Now: Snorlax Nanoblocks Kit


nanoblocks kit eevee

Nanoblocks knows how popular Eevee and its many eevee-lutions are among gamers. That’s why there’s a traditional Eevee kit, but also one for Vaporeon, Zolteon, and Flareon. Unfortunately not all of the Eevee-lutions are available, though. Pre-orders for Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon are shipping in August 2022.

Buy Now: Eevee Nanoblocks Kit


pokemon nanoblocks pikachu

Pikachu is always a favorite because he is featured heavily in the Pokemon anime as Ash’s main pokemon. This cute little nanoblock representation of everyone’s favorite electric mouse is a must-have for Pikachu enjoyers.

Buy Now: Pikachu Nanoblocks Kit


pokemon nanoblocks greninja

Greninja is another highly popular Pokemon from Gen 6 of the games. He is the final form of Froakie and a fan-favorite in the Pokken Tournament fighting games.

Buy Now: Greninja Nanoblocks Kit

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