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Here’s a quick guide on the Monster Hunter amiibo experience – and what you need to know if you can’t find them.

Monster Hunter Rise is the best entry in the series on Switch, hands down. Capcom also launched three exclusive amiibo alongside the game. They are the Magnamalo, Palico, and Palamute amiibos. Each one of these amiibos grants some exclusive benefits, but they’re not the only amiibo that works with the game.

Where can I buy the Monster Hunter amiibo?

Unfortunately, all three exclusive amiibo were only available at GameStop stores in North America. The Monster Hunter Rise Collector’s Edition includes the Magnamalo amiibo – so you still have to find the palamute and palico amiibo separately. If you missed picking up these three amiibo while they were available at GameStop, you can pay a scalper premium.

Can’t afford the scalper prices people are charging to get your hands on these amiibo? Some people are selling NFC cards that contain the same data. You can find a nine-piece collection of Monster Hunter Rise amiibo cards available on Amazon for less than $20. These cards will grant all the same benefits as actually owning the amiibo.

What do the Monster Hunter amiibo do in-game?

Each of the amiibo grants a specific armor set for your hunter, palamute, or palico. The Magnamalo amiibo grants an armor set for your hunter. The palamute and palico amiibos also grant a Magnamalo-themed armor set and weapon to your companions. The armor suits are layered armor and are cosmetic only – granting no gameplay benefits.

Once you have the armor and weapons, you can continue to use the amiibo in the lottery. You can scan any amiibo you own to enter the lottery each day. However, you can only scan an amiibo three times per day for lottery entries. Each lottery grants useful items like potions, traps, bombs, ammo, and other items hunters usually spend time gathering.

monster hunter amiibo instructions

To use your amiibo, you’ll need to visit Kagero the Merchant in the market. Select ‘Read Amiibo‘ from the menu to get started. You need to have downloaded the day-one patch (Version 1.1) for this feature to work.

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