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Curious Expedition 2 Review for Switch

Curious Expedition 2 is out now on Switch, bringing lots of new expedition types, characters, and places to explore. The graphics have also been upgraded if the original pixel graphics felt too retro. Here’s our review of this expedition roguelite.

Vaporum for Switch Review

Vaporum is a classic dungeon crawler with a steampunk story that unfolds in a mysterious tower called the Arx Vaporum. The BioShock-inspired story and fun puzzles are great for anyone who likes first-person dungeon crawlers.

Battle Brothers Review for Switch

Battle Brothers on Switch is a competent port of this deep tactical sim that puts you in control of a band of mercenaries. Will you survive by robbing caravans or make your living trading goods on highly dangerous, but profitable trade routes? Here’s our review.

UnderMine Review for Nintendo Switch

UnderMine draws lots of inspiration from the countless roguelite games that have come before. But it refines the gameplay into a slower-paced, gorgeous game that feels like 2D Zelda dungeons, distilled. Here’s our UnderMine for Switch review.

Carrion Review for Switch

Carrion is a ‘reverse horror’ game where you play a monstrous parasite hellbent on taking over the facility containing it. Outsmart the humans keeping you contained, evolve, grow, and terrify the humans. Check out our Carrion review for Switch.

Trails of Cold Steel III Switch Review

The Trails of Cold Steel series finally arrives on Nintendo Switch with the third entry. You’ll have to catch up across a variety of consoles if you want the full story. But even if you’ve never played a game in the series, Trails of Cold Steel III is just plain fun.