what's the best pokedex app

What’s the best Pokedex app for iOS & Android? Here’s a peek at the five most popular apps.

Ready to take your pokemon journey to the next level? No matter if you’re planning on training pokemon to play competitively or you just want to collect shinies – every trainer need a good Pokedex. Here’s a peek at some of the best Pokedex apps available on mobile (iOS & Android).

dataDex for Android

dataDex is easily the best Pokedex app available on Android. It offers a beautiful way to manage all of your favorite pokemon and is up to date through the most recent Pokemon game release, Pokemon Legends: Arceus. dataDex also contains a number of helpful features, including shiny hunting tools, robust filtering tools by game, dream team builder, and move researcher.

If you are a Google Play Pass subscriber, then dataDex is included as part of it. Otherwise, the app is free to use with ads and features a paid upgrade to remove ads and gives access to the team builder feature.

ProDex for iOS

The best Pokedex app for iOS is called ProDex. The app supports all generations of Pokemon and includes an advanced type chart, quick descriptions, and a new filtering feature that puts it on par with dataDex. You can also access information on TMs, Abilities, Natures, Items, Locations, and Move Tutors.

It’s not quite as nice as dataDex for Android, since it doesn’t have Pokemon Legends: Arceus info ready to go yet. However, the developer is quite responsive and the app usually receives prompt updates so it will likely be added soon. There’s also no team builder mechanic to make farming competitive pokemon easier.

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