Looking for a gift idea for someone who loves to play cozy games on Switch? Check out these accessories aimed at cozy gamers.

Are you looking for a gift for the gamer who already has all the games they could ever play? Sometimes an accessory for their favorite gaming console can make a great gift. Cozy gaming has exploded since the pandemic happened in 2020, so accessories that enhance the cozy gaming aesthetic are in high demand. Check out these gift ideas for anyone who is into playing cozy games on Switch.

10. TomToc Switch Cases

If you know a gamer who loves their coral pink Switch Lite, maybe they’ll love this cute protection offered by TomToc. These Switch cases are designed to protect the JoyCons from unintended presses, especially if it’s just thrown in a backpack. There are multiple colors available and cases for the Nintendo Switch, OLED Switch, and the Switch Lite.

9. Razer Kraken Kitty Headphones

Razer makes a cute version of their Kraken headphones that feature cat ears with customizable lights on the cat ears and the ear cups. Cozy gamers can customize the colors that appear in these locations by downloading the Razer Chroma software. The mic also extends in and out of the body of the headset, so it’s not in the way if you don’t need it.

8. Hello Kitty Gaming Chair

No cozy gaming nook is complete without a comfortable chair to complete the space. This Hello Kitty gaming chair features a bevvy of cute Sanrio characters, but it’s also highly customizable. It leans back like a car seat so if you’re not feeling being at 100% attention, you can relax while you decorate your cottagecore Animal Crossing island.

7. Cat Paw Switch Travel Case – Cozy Gamers Gift Ideas

Traveling somewhere and want to take your entire Switch setup with you? This cat paw Switch case is the perfect companion. It has room for your dock, a Switch Pro controller, the charging cable, and even a PokeBall if you’re still playing Let’s Go Pokemon or Pokemon Go. This case is available in pastels like baby blue and pink.

6. Cute Cat Joycon Thumbstick Covers – Cozy Gamers Gift Ideas

Want to protect your JoyCons from damage while playing your favorite cozy games? Check out these adorable cat JoyCon covers that are available in a wide variety of pastel colors. If pink isn’t your thing, you can pick these up in green, blue, purple, yellow, and orange.

5. JoyCon DIY Shell Replacement – Cozy Gamers Gift Ideas

cozy gamers gift joy con DIY shell

Do you wish Nintendo made the JoyCons in a variety of colors like Microsoft’s Xbox controller? While there are plenty of great color combos, you can buy a DIY shell replacement on Amazon and have a totally unique Nintendo Switch. You’ll need a few specialty tools and feel comfortable taking apart electronics. There are plenty of guide videos on YouTube to help you get started.

4. Pink Mermaid Switch Game Case

cozy gamers gift ideas switch mermaid

Need somewhere to keep all your favorite Switch games? This incredibly cute mermaid Switch game case is designed to keep 24 games safe. There is also a spot for microSD cards, should you have several. The outside is a fish scale pattern with the appearance of glitter but parents don’t worry – the case is completely smooth.

3. Pink & Purple JoyCons

cozy gamers gift ideas purple and pink joy cons

If you’re looking for a replacement Joy-Cons for your Switch, these pink and purple pair offer all features except NFC. They can wake the console up, they feature a gyroscope for motion controls, and a turbo feature for dealing with annoying tasks in Animal Crossing.

2. Dockable Switch Grip Case

cute switch protective case

This cute protective Switch case features Japanese Sakura blossoms and a cute pink aesthetic. It also features a winged design to make the Joy-Cons easier to hold for longer periods. The best part of this case is that it doesn’t need to be removed if you want to dock your Switch like some other cases.

1. Switch Lite Protective Case

switch lite protective case

This cute protective case for the Switch Lite comes in a variety of colors and is intended to make the Switch easier to hold. It is composed of several different pieces that clamp together and hold the Switch Lite in place. The charging port and access to the microSD card remain accessible. It would make a great cozy gamer gift idea for anyone who owns a Switch Lite.

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