best Nintendo Switch stand

What’s the best Nintendo Switch stand available? It depends on your needs, so here are our picks.

One of the best aspects of the Nintendo Switch is that it’s a portable console for playing games on the go. The OLED Switch came with an upgraded kickstand, but it’s still not ideal if you want to charge while playing. Take a look at these recommendations for best Nintendo Switch stand to suit your needs – some with charging included.

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Foldable Nintendo Switch Stand

foldable nintendo switch stand

Looking for a foldable Switch stand that is travel compatible? Check out this stand that will offer room to charge while you play. This is the best Nintendo Switch stand for anyone who needs a highly portable stand with a low profile. You’ll have to supply your own charging cord, but you’re probably carrying one around for your phone anyway, right? The stand is available in several colors including silver, red, black, and space grey.

Foldable Nintendo Switch Stand: Buy Now

Triangle Switch Charging Stand

triangle switch stand

If you have limited desk space and you need a way to charge your Switch while it’s out of the way, consider this stand. It comes in all the standard Switch and Switch Lite colors, including red, blue, teal, yellow, coral, grey, and Animal Crossing green and blue. A charging port on the back makes it possible to charge the Switch while playing it, too.

Triangle Switch Stand: Buy Now

Pokemon Switch Stand

Pokemon Switch stand

Looking for the perfect complement to all of your favorite Pokemon accessories? Check out this charging stand shaped like a PokeBall. It’s sure to be a perfect gift idea for anyone who loves playing the Pokemon games. It works much like the triangle charger above, allowing you to play and charge at the same time. It comes in one color – classic PokeBall. Unfortunately, there are no other designs, like a great ball charger.

Pokemon Ball Switch Charging Stand: Buy Now

Best Slim Switch Dock – Binbok

slim switch dock

Looking for a smaller replacement for the official Nintendo Switch dock? Many gamers swear by this BinBok model that makes it possible to use as a stand or a dock to play the game on the TV. A quick press of a button on the dock switches the image to the TV, so it doesn’t work exactly like the official dock. But it’s easy enough to press the button while docking the Switch.

BinBok Slim Switch Dock: Buy Now

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