When Nintendo released Super Mario Maker 2, a special stylus was revealed to be sold in Europe alongside the game. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the same courtesy here in America. US Gamer was able to confirm back in May that the Super Mario Maker 2 stylus won’t be coming to North America. Bummer.

Yeah you’ll have to import one of these in America if you want that neat stylus and steelbook.

If you’re looking for a good stylus for Super Mario Maker 2, you’ll have to settle for a less colorful option. Thankfully, Amazon comes to the rescue with a great option that works well for the Switch and any smartphones or tablets you have.

Best Stylus for Super Mario Maker 2

If you still have the stylus from your Wii U, it works with the Nintendo Switch. But that stylus isn’t very comfortable to hold for long periods. That’s why I wanted a stylus that feel like a pen and doesn’t cramp my hand during long building sessions. A quick search around Amazon turned up this MEKO stylus set that seemed to fit the bill.

This stylus set is a two-for-one deal, so you’ll receive two stylus bodies and two of both tips. That really comes in handy if you’re prone to losing tips. The clear disc and fabric tips are user replaceable and extend the life of the stylus. The clear disc tip lets you see what you’re doing while dragging parts onto the screen. The fiber tip radius is 3mm and is more useful for scrolling through the parts list.

The design is no Super Mario Maker 2 stylus, but it gets the job done. The stylus comes in multiple different colors including black, blue, white, rose gold, and red. Best of all, the same company sells replaceable tips if you lose all six tips that come in the box.

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