what's the best controller for switch

Let’s face it. The Joy-Cons suck. So what’s the best controller for Switch?

Nintendo has made some questionable controller decisions for their consoles. The Nintendo 64 kicked off the non-standard controller, but luckily the Wii saw a need for a return to form. The Nintendo Switch is no different, with several controller options better suited for long gaming sessions than the Joy-Cons.

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1. Switch Pro Controller

The undisputed king of comfort for Switch gamers

what's the best controller for switch

Nintendo took a lot of their design cues for the Pro Controller from previous successful controllers, like the Xbox and Wii/U Pro controllers. The result is a well-rounded controller with off-set analog sticks and a battery life of over 70+ hours on a single charge. The Pro Controller also features rumble, motion controls, and can turn the console on/off.

How much does the Switch Pro controller cost? You can find it for around $60 on several retailers like Amazon and Walmart. It is hands down the best controller you can buy for Switch so if you only get one – make sure it is this one.

2. GameCube Controller for Switch

The PowerA wireless GameCube controller is the best for Smash gamers

what's the best controller for Smash on Switch

Want a controller that feels like the original GameCube controller for playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? The Power A wireless GameCube controller mimics the feel pretty well, with an improved analog stick design. That’s unfortunately as far as the list of ‘pros’ goes for this GameCube controller.

PowerA decided to skimp out on rumble and NFC for this controller. That means you’ll need to use the Joy-Cons to scan amiibo into the game. It also doesn’t feature a rechargeable battery, so you’ll need to supply your 2 AA batteries – just like the GameCube. You can pick up this controller for around $50 on Amazon in a variety of different colors.

3. Cheap Controller for Switch

Need a good, cheap controller that doesn’t break the bank? Check out Binbok

cheap switch controller

Binbok has stepped up to bring a great Switch Pro controller and Joy-Con alternative for Switch owners. It is the best non-Nintendo Switch Pro controller you can buy and offers many features that other manufacturers leave out. It offers, motion control, rumble, turbo, and an LED light ring around both analog sticks. The controller only lacks NFC, which isn’t a dealbreaker at its sub $30 pricepoint.

Cheap controllers often feel pretty cheap, but the Binbok has solid construction. The triggers feel nice and the D-Pad is great for platformers and precision gaming. Using their Joy-Con replacement will also give you a more ergonomic feeling when playing the Switch in handheld mode.

4. Switch Controller Adapter

Use your PlayStation or Xbox controller with the Nintendo Switch

what's the best controller adapter for switch

Already have a console in your house and want to use your Xbox or PlayStation controller to play Switch? You can do that with the 8bitdo Bluetooth adapter for the console. It works with any Bluetooth controller, but you’ll need to plug it into the Switch dock and play on the TV.

For a handheld solution, you would need a USB-C to USB-A cable to convert the signal. The dongle will be dangle if you are not playing on a table or other firm surface. Unfortunately, Nintendo did not include a Bluetooth chip for controllers to use in the console itself.

5. 8bitdo Switch Controllers

Lots of variety and well-built controllers work well with Switch

what's the best controller for Switch

8bitdo has a variety of controllers that work with the Nintendo Switch. Shaped like the NES, SNES, PlayStation, and Xbox – all of these work with the Nintendo Switch. The SN30 Pro+ is the most popular of their controllers. It features a design like the Super Nintendo, but with ergonomic ‘wings’ like the PlayStation.

8bitdo controllers feature multiple Bluetooth modes for compatibility across consoles and PC. If you can’t get your controller to connect to your Switch, here’s a short guide to help you resolve the issue.

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