what's the best screen protector for oled switch?

The best screen protector for your new OLED Switch is one you’ll put on immediately. Like this amFilm protector with easy applicator.

One of the hardest parts of applying a tempered glass screen protector to a Nintendo Switch is aligning the glass piece. A company called amFilm makes several screen protectors for the Nintendo Switch lineup, but their protector for the OLED Switch is especially easy to use. It comes with an easy plastic applicator that makes lining up your Switch as easy as possible.

What You’ll Need

OLED switch screen protector
  • Nintendo Switch OLED | $350
  • amFilm Switch OLED Screen Protector | $16.99

amFilm includes everything you need to apply the screen protector to the Nintendo Switch without any problems. There is an included microfiber cloth for cleaning away dust particles and small stickers for removing anything else. The applicator tells you how to align the screen protector with the top of the OLED Switch.

Ideally, you should apply the screen protector to the OLED Switch as soon as you take it out of the box. If that’s not possible, clean the screen thoroughly. Apply the screen protector in a bathroom fresh from a shower to avoid dust particles in the air.

what's the best screen protector for oled switch?

Once you have the top of the screen protector tray aligned with the Switch, it should look like the picture above. Take your finger and run it from the middle of the Switch outward several times. Don’t fret if it seems like you see air bubbles, those can be worked out after you lift the tray off. Grab the tray on both sides and then lift it to see your handiwork.

switch oled screen protector

This is what the Switch looks like after the screen protector has been applied. There is a tiny air bubble that later worked its way out from behind the Switch. But otherwise, you cannot tell that there is a screen saver on top of it. This particular screen saver also does not impact the Switch’s touch screen functionality. It is also thin enough that the Switch can be docked with no issues.

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