Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

The best Switch screen protector is one made of tempered glass.

Tempered glass screen protectors block scratches and prevent lasting damage to the Nintendo Switch. They perform better than thin plastic film screen protectors. They are especially necessary if you use your Switch with its dock – some docks may scratch the soft plastic of the Switch screen.

Have a Nintendo Switch Lite? Don’t worry – there are plenty of glass screen protectors for the smaller console. Just make sure you buy the right size for your console since the Switch and Switch Lite have different screen sizes.

Best Switch Screen Protector

The amFilm screen protector for Switch offers great value. It’s a two-pack, so you have an extra in case something happens to the first screen protector. The kit includes wipes for cleaning the screen and dust stickers to remove particles. This Switch screen protector is 100% clear and sits flush with the edges of the Switch screen.

Best Switch Lite Screen Protector

Best Switch Lite screen protector

The best Switch Lite screen protector is also from amFilm. It is available as a three-pack, so you get an additional tempered glass screen protector. The Switch Lite protector features the same protection as the original. The package includes wipes for cleaning the screen and dust stickers to remove particles.

Why should you use a screen protector?

You may think you don’t need to protect the screen since the Switch screen isn’t glass. However, that just isn’t true. The soft plastic of the Switch screen is easily scratchable, even by the Nintendo Switch dock.

Early launch models experienced issues with scratches along the screen edge. Small scratches appear along the side of the Switch where it is slid into the dock. Applying a tempered glass screen protector prevents these scratches from occurring. You can see an example of these tiny scratches in the image below.

best Switch screen protector

The best Switch screen protector will prevent scratches like this from appearing. They work on both the Switch and the Switch Lite and cost less than $10 for a two-pack. There is absolutely no reason not to use protection for the Switch screen.

A screen protector is recommended for kids’ consoles for sure. If you have trouble applying screen protectors, amFilm includes a YouTube link with instructions.

You should apply the protector in a room with very little dust. Some people recommend doing so in a bathroom after a hot shower. Have any questions about applying screen protection to your Nintendo Switch? Ask below and we’ll help you out!

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