why isn't my switch connecting to the tv?

Why is your Nintendo Switch not connecting to the TV? Here’s a quick rundown of things to try.

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down to play a nice Switch game on the TV, only to have problems with the signal from the dock to the TV. If you can’t see your Switch game on the TV when you place it in the dock, here are a few things you can try to get the signal back.

Why isn’t my Nintendo Switch connecting to the TV?

  • Check all cables to make sure they’re plugged in properly.
  • Is your TV on the correct HDMI input?
  • Your HDMI or power cable could be faulty.
  • Your Switch Dock may be broken.

TV Input

Sometimes the solution is the simplest one—make sure you have the TV input set to the right HDMI channel. Modern smart TVs usually feature at least three or four inputs for HDMI cables, which can be confusing. Verify which one your Switch is plugged into and make sure the TV is set to that input when you dock the Switch.

Check Cables

Another common mistake that can be made is that cables can be knocked loose, especially if you have children or pets. Check the HDMI cable connection to the TV and the Switch dock to make sure it’s not loose. Do the same with the power cable. If you can see the power light on the Switch dock but you still don’t have a signal on the TV—you may need a new HDMI cable.

Problems with the Switch Dock

Some original Switch owners who purchased their consoles in 2017 are reporting issues with the male USB-C connector of the dock becoming loose. If you purchased your Switch used or it’s an original run, you may need to look into replacing the Switch dock with a newer version that doesn’t make it easy for the connected to come loose. A new dock from Nintendo will set you back around $100.

There are third-party docks that are designed to work with the Nintendo Switch, too. The Skull & Co. Jumpgate Pro is one such dock that features a detachable portion that can be used to dock with the MacBook Pro or other laptop. It offers much more functionality than the original Switch dock—for about half the cost.

Remember: You can only dock the original Switch and Switch OLED models with the Nintendo Switch dock. You cannot place a Switch Lite in a Switch dock from Nintendo and play it on the TV. However, there are several third-party docks for the Switch Lite that support HDMI play on the TV.

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