best microsd card for Switch

Want the best Switch microSD card to increase your game storage capacity?

Nintendo decided to support the microSD card as the standard format for increasing console storage space. The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite only feature 32GB of onboard memory. That’s not even enough to hold a download of Xenoblade Chronicles 2!

Thankfully, the prices for Switch microSD cards have dropped dramatically. While Nintendo has partnered with Sandisk for branded microSD cards – you can use any microSD card in the Switch.

Best Switch microSD Card – Samsung

Switch microSD card – Samsung

Samsung microSD cards are perfect for the Nintendo Switch. But what’s the difference between the Samsung EVO Plus and EVO Select branding? The main difference is that Amazon has exclusive rights to sell EVO Select microSD cards. EVO Select and EVO Plus cards are both UH-3, meaning they offer transfer speeds of 30MB/s.

Which size microSD card should you buy? That depends on how many digital games you plan to purchase. The 128GB microSD card should be plenty of space for most Switch owners. The Switch supports up to 2 TB microSD cards, so don’t worry about running out of space.

Best Switch microSD Card – Sandisk

Sandisk microSD card

Sandisk microSD cards are also a great choice for Nintendo Switch owners. Nintendo has partnered with Sandisk for some officially licensed cards featuring the Triforce, stars, and mushrooms. These cards work fine with the Switch, but they are more expensive than traditional Sandisk cards.

The Samsung cards tend to be cheaper than the Sandisk cards, generally speaking. They also have a higher performance rating (UH-3 vs. UH-1). The Sandisk cards will work fine in any Nintendo Switch if you happen to catch them on a deal, however.

Only Buy From Official Sources!

You may be tempted to buy a microSD card from eBay or other websites that offer them cheaper. These cards are likely counterfeits and will not offer as much storage as advertised.

You may buy a 256 GB card for only $20 and when it arrives, find you only have 32 GB of usable space. Thus, you’ve overpaid for the microSD card by trying to save money.

Only buy microSD cards from approved sources like Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo, and Rakuten. Other websites are more likely to ship counterfeits and they may have a dodgy return policy.

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