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Need some inspiration for redesigning your stone paths in ACNH? Check out these amazing seasonal designs from creators like you.

The Animal Crossing community is one of the most creative groups of people you’ll find on the internet. With the ability to add our own user-created codes to the game, you can make your island look fresh for each season. Check out these stone paths for ACNH that will inspire you to re-do your island.

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7. Limestone Path

The creator of these gorgeous limestone paths for ACNH took inspiration from the Croatian city of Dubrovnik for these tiles. The set only takes up 15 tile spaces and it looks great for outdoor cafes, libraries, and other places where your villagers are sure to gather.

Creator Code: MA-4866-7340-6229

6. Concrete Tiles with Corners

concrete stones for animal crossing

These concrete stones come with both inner and outer borders so you can build patios and curbs with them. The pattern itself is incredibly detailed and comes in a few varieties, so it doesn’t look repetitive when placed in a large space. If you’re doing an urban island look, this is a great stone look for ACNH.

Creator Code: MA-0501-3293-4058

5. White Curb Stone

Create unique flower beds around your trees or other objects on your island with these unique white flagstones. The actual ring itself is only nine tiles, but there are some additional tiles

Creator Code: MA-0304-8302-8536

4. Mossy Stone with Border

mossy stone border acnh

If you love the default stone path in ACNH, this creator border is an excellent complement to it. You can create a border on all four sides, make it seem like there are steps, and even bits of moss. This is great for anyone who has a heavily forested island and wants to keep a mossy look going.

Creator Code: MA-3075-4138-0954

3. Magic Stone Path

magical stone paths

Need a whimsical stone path that doesn’t take up too many of your creator slots? Check out this magical stone path that only requires nine spaces to achieve any look you can dream up. The stones have sparkles and swirls and will look amazing in any fairy garden you may have on your island.

Creator Code: MA-5151-3267-6633

2. Stone Winter Steps

This stone path for ACNH has both a spring/summer and a winter version with snow. It’s a curved path designed to make your path as though it weaves through the forest just right. The pebbles on the side add a lot of decoration, but they’re not necessary to achieve a fantastic look.

Creator Code: MA-1101-8218-7555

1. Japanese Stone Path

This highly detailed concrete look mimics the look of small-town Japan. It is rather large with 24 tiles you can use to create, but you don’t need to use all of them to achieve the lovely look you see above. These are some of the most detailed stone paths for ACNH I’ve come across and I wanted to highlight them for that reason.

Creator Code: MA-4614-7656-9807

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