how to farm arrows in tears of the kingdom on switch

Are you finding yourself short on arrows as you explore the world of Hyrule? Here’s how to farm arrows quickly in Tears of the Kingdom.

Attaching items to arrows is one of the best mechanics in Tears of the Kingdom, but it can quickly lead to you having an empty quiver. Buying arrows is an option, but when you’re starting out it’s not the most economical option since you want to spend rupees on armor upgrades rather than supplies. Luckily, you can find an endless supply of arrows littered around Hyrule if you look closely enough.

Farm Bokoblin Camps

Bokoblin camps are a great place to find lots of arrows hidden in chests, boxes, barrels, but did you know you can farm arrows endlessly? Raid a bokoblin camp and kill every monster except for those with bows. Allow the bokoblins to live out their storm trooper fantasies while you dodge and weave between the arrows they shoot at you.

You can collect these arrows and fill your quiver plenty for the next adventure. One of the best places to get an arrow refill is from the Bokoblin Camps that appear on Stone Talus backs. The Stone Talus is easy enough to dodge and there are at least four or five bokoblins with bows who will shoot a bevy of arrows at you. This is by far the quickest way to farm arrows in Tears of the Kingdom with minimal effort.

Hudson Construction Signs

Helping out this guy with his ill-fated desire to build signs in the worst way possible with sometimes net you arrow bundles. They’re not always guaranteed so it’s by no means a reliable way to farm arrows. But you should always help this guy when you see him—he’s incredibly generous with his rewards. He’ll give you a piece of food, an elixir of some type, and usually a cooking ingredient or arrows.

Just Buy ‘Em

If you’re too lazy to do the gathering yourself you can just buy single arrows and arrow bundles from various vendors across the map. They’ll set you back from 4 to 6 rupees for single arrows and 25 to 30 rupees for a bundle of five arrows. Need to make some quick cash so you can buy gear?

Try heading into caves and breaking mining nodes. High-value minerals like sapphire, topaz, ruby, and other gems will net you a lot of rupees to buy early-game equipment and arrow resupplies. If you manage to defeat a Stone Talus, you’ll also earn yourself a nice collection of gems.

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