Animal Crossing black market

Players are trading villagers for millions of bells on the Animal Crossing black market.

Players are connecting to each other via Discord to discuss prices of their “dreamies,” or villagers they want on their island. The rarest villagers attract the best prices because they are new to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Villagers new to Animal Crossing are Audie, Judy, Dom, Cyd, Raymond, Reneigh, Sherb, and Megan. Raymond is especially attractive to prospective buyers because of his heterochromia.

Animal Crossing Black Market
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The website Nookazon is used to facilitate the trades. Just about anything you could ever want in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is for sale on Nookazon. Many people use the site to trade furniture sets for bells.

Others charge a premium for highly sought after villagers who are leaving their towns. The eight villagers above are hardest to come by because they have no amiibo cards.

Amiibo cards were released for over 400 villagers during the Wii U-era. The cards can be used to invite a specific villager to your camp. But because New Horizons villagers don’t have amiibo cards, they can net a lot of profit on Nookazon.

While many Animal Crossing traders deal in bells, its also common to use Nook Miles tickets (NMT) as payment. These tickets cost 2,000 Nook Miles and can be redeemed as an item that can be traded. Those seeking rare trades like Raymond can expect to pay 1,200 Nook Miles tickets. That’s 2,400,000 Nook Miles required to buy a single villager. Yeowch.

Trading Everything for Bells

Both sites allow players to list any object or villager in the game for sale (either bells or NMT). Furniture items may cost only a few bells or tickets, while villagers can cost much more. Raymond the Cat is the most wish-listed villager on both sites.

Some players are even resetting their islands multiple times to try for Dom the Jock Sheep and Reneigh the Uchi horse. Since starting villagers are always of this type, those two are the most easily guaranteed new villagers. Other people advertise their visitors like Flick and CJ or their turnip prices.

Sites that facilitate these trades between players have helped the Animal Crossing black market blossom.

Animal Crossing black market

But sites like Nookazon don’t regulate the price for which a villager can be posted. That means the Animal Crossing black market is alive and well with scammers.

Trades for villagers and turnip prices are so popular, Nookazon is taking steps to curb scammers.

Nookazon has established a rating system to allow traders to identify other trustworthy entities. For now, it’s probably best to stick with real-life friends for trades.

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