Here’s a quick guide on how to make money in BotW. Just don’t sell any important parts!

Unlike previous titles in the Zelda franchise, rupees are pretty rare to come by in Breath of the Wild. That’s because Nintendo wants you to earn your supper by exploring the world and all its hidden nooks and crannies. You can find rupees scattered throughout the world in treasure chests, but a once-off you dig up out of the ground is not a reliable income.

Earning money as Link takes a little bit of effort no matter how you choose to farm rupees in BotW. Use this guide as a baseline for some of the things that are real money makers – including scanning your entire collection of amiibo at least once per day.

How to Make Money in BotW

There are no rupees hiding in the tall grass and pots in this world are fairly rare. Earning rupees means taking advantage of some of the largest bosses in the game, or playing some mini-games you can find in the world. You’ll need a ton of rupees to open the Great Fairy fountains, buy unique armor, and to buy and upgrade your house.

  • Green Rupee | 1
  • Red Rupee | 20
  • Purple Rupee | 50
  • Silver Rupee | 100
  • Gold Rupee | 300

Snow Bowling Mini-Game

A bowling mini-game at Pondo’s Lodge is probably the fastest way to earn some fast cash, provided you’re good at bowling. The Lodge is northeast of Hebra Tower. Speak with Pondo to start the mini-game and knock down all ten pins. If you succeed by rolling a strike, Pondo will pay you 300 rupees, minus the 20 rupee entry-fee. It’s a quick way to make 280 rupees in a matter of minutes if you can reliably hit a strike and you can play it as many times as you like.

Even if you can’t hit a strike every time and manage a spare, Pondo will still pay you 100 rupees to cover your entry fee. The Zelda community estimates you can farm rupees worth 10,000 an hour using this trick. It is extremely boring doing the same thing over and over.


hinox botw

Farming some of the mini-bosses like Hinox and the Great Stone Talus are a great way to gather precious gems. Those gems will be needed to upgrade gear later, so hold onto them! Instead, farm the monsters for raw gourmet meat and raw prime meat. 5 Raw Prime Meat sells for 210 rupees. While 5 x Raw Gourmet Meat sells for 490 rupees. You can reliably farm the big game that drops these meats in the northwest region of the map.

Treasure Hunting

how to farm treasure chests in botw

Once you have your Sheikah slate upgraded with the Sheikah Sensor, you can take a picture of treasure chests to search for them. Set the treasure chest to your sensor and you’ll start finding treasure like an amnesiac pirate. You can also take pictures of rare ore and rare ore deposits so you never miss an opportunity to mine.

  • Kitano Bay | a chest containing a gold rupee can be found off the coast. You’ll need the Magnesis power to activate it.
  • Lanayru Wetlands | In the eastern part of Mercay island on a small beach, there’s a cave behind a tree with a gold rupee.
  • Tal Tal Peak | There’s a chest in the center of the lake the dam creates, requiring the ice pillars power to activate.
  • Lodrum Headland | Two chests south of this area feature gold rupees.
  • Goro Cove | Southeast of the skeleton, cracked rocks hide a chest with a gold rupee.
  • Death Mountain | Northeast of the lava circle, in some ruins, open the left chest.
  • Eldin’s Flank | In the northeastern area is a chest guarded by three moblins with a gold rupee.
  • Lake Akkala | North of Tarrey Town, there’s a chest at the bottom of the lake. Use Cryonis to get close and Magnesis to raise it up out of the water.
  • Serenne Stable | Feed the black dog and then follow it to dig up a chest.
  • Lanno Kooh Shrine | A chest with a gold rupee is your reward.
  • Hebra Tundra | South of this area is a small Moblin campsite around a chest with a gold rupee inside.

This is just a small selection of the treasure chests hidden across Hyrule. Many of them feature silver, purple, red, or green rupees. If you want a full treasure hunting guide for BotW, check out Zelda’s Palace. You can find detailed instructions to each treasure chest, sorted by region.

Hunting Rabbits

how to catch rabbits in botw

If you want to put on your Elmer Fudd cap, you can hunt rabbits to make money in BotW. These blue rabbits are scattered across Hyrule and scamper off when you see them. If you manage to hit the spirit rabbit with an arrow before it disappears, it will drop quite a few rupees.

These rabbits function almost exactly like the crystal lizards from the Dark Souls series. They’re fast and once they see you, you’re likely already too late. You should sneak around to avoid frightening them while in forests. They’re not a reliable way to make money in BotW, but you feel great when you manage to snag one.

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