ACNH stall patterns

These player-made Animal Crossing stall patterns add lots of charm to your island.

Let’s face it – the default stall in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is pretty boring. The stall itself is pretty small and can only hold two items at once.

Luckily, you can apply any custom pattern you create or download on it. The ACNH community is a talented bunch, with plenty of uses for that little stall.

Check out these ACNH stall patterns to get ideas for your next island project.

15. Greenhouse Glass

Animal Crossing stall patterns – Greenhouse glass

This creative ACNH greenhouse pattern is great for anyone who loves plants. Create a unique greenhouse look for all the potted plants and terrariums in the game.

This ACNH stall pattern also looks great on the single panel wall that can be customized.

Creator Code: MA-9735-6815-3749

14. Museum Gift Shop

ACNH stall patterns

Make your museum look unique with this ACNH stall pattern that features fossils, bugs, and fish. The color of the stall pattern closely matches the default brick pattern available in the game.

Use it to create a gift shop outside of your island’s museum.

Creator Code: MA-3831-5270-1720

13. Lattice with Vines and Roses

ACNH stall patterns lattice

The creator who made this pattern made a few different designs that use the same base. The first is a lattice only design. The second is lattice and vines. The third is lattice and roses, which makes clever use of the vines.

This ACNH stall pattern is great for outdoor stalls in gardens and workbench areas. It also complements the Greenhouse glass pattern features up above very well for islanders with a green thumb.

Creator Code: MA-3926-4717-2320

12. Able Sisters Stall

ACNH able sisters stall pattern

This cleverly modeled pattern resembles the awning featured on the Able Sisters’ shop. Set it up nearby to allow your guests to take extra clothing items from your island. It’s a clever way to offer items to your visitors.

Creator Code: MA-3103-4970-4938

11. Imperial Stall Design

ACNH stall pattern imperial japanese

This pattern is designed to match the Imperial fences that are already in-game. Set them up with other Japanese items to create a festival area. The unique look only requires one custom pattern space to achieve.

Creator Code: MA-2110-8837-1812

10. Hanging Ivy

ACNH ivy stall

This creator actually has two patterns available for those who want an ivy stall pattern. The first features the pink ruffle you see in the screenshot. The second does not, making it easy to lay over any style of the stall.

Creator Code: MA-9268-6027-3558

9. Theater Stalls

Theater stalls ACNH patterns

Set up a clever outdoor theater with these unique patterns for popcorn and ticket stalls. They pair well with much of the decor that is already in the game. A soda machine, popcorn popper, and projector can complete the setup. Borrow Sahara or Tailor tickets for a sharp look.

Creator Code: MA-5698-5360-1603

8. Pizza Stall

ACNH stall patterns pizza

This cute red and yellow pattern is reminiscent of many of the pizza parlors in New York City. Set up an outdoor pizza stand on your island, or complement your movie theater set up with it.

Don’t like the colors? Take inspiration from the design and make your own ACNH patterns.

Creator Code: MA-8312-7181-5889

More Animal Crossing Stuff

7. Bug Stall

ACNH bug pattern

This creative pattern features many of the bugs you can catch in the game. Use it to set up a cute diorama with your favorite bugs. Or set it up near one of your villagers who is always talking about bugs. They’re sure to love it.

Creator Code: MA-7404-1196-0223

6. Bento Lunch Stall

ACNH bento stall

Turn your plaza area into a bustling hotspot with the bento lunch stall. The pattern comes complete with a sign accent that is designed to look like a menu. Mix it together with a few other choice items and you have a bento stall.

Creator Code: MA-9433-6000-6484

5. Coconut Leaf Stall

ACNH coconut stall patterns

This coconut leaf pattern is a great beach stall look for any island. The crisp greens look great against the sand and lend a real tropical feel. Pair this stall with the boardwalk pattern for a real beach makeover.

Creator Code: MA-4471-1720-0257

4. Fortune Teller’s Stall

ACNH fortune teller stand

Give your island an air of mysticism with this fortune teller’s stall. The design goes well with the in-game tarot card set and several of the zodiac items. A great Persian rug from Sahara will complete the look.

Creator Code: MA-8432-6616-7302

3. Free DIY Stall

Animal Crossing patterns DIY recipe

Up to your eyeballs in DIY recipes that you already know? Set up a free DIY stall in your town and let visitors take what they don’t have. It’s a great way to encourage visitors to interact with your island (and get rid of recipes without selling them).

Creator Code: MA-8517-5328-9144

2. Log Stall Pattern

These lashed together logs make a great tiki bar on the beach. They’re also nice enough to be used elsewhere on your island. If you want a wooden rustic look, you can’t go wrong with these ACNH stall patterns.

Creator Code: MA-5949-8756-2756

1. Ramen Stalls

ACNH ramen stall

Create an authentic Japanese ramen bar on your island with these patterns. Featuring a stall pattern for sushi, ramen, tako, and siopao foods. The art even includes sushi and ramen bowl hats for a realistic look.

Creator Code: MA-1475-4052-1663

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