Animal Crossing garden

Want some inspiration for your Animal Crossing garden? Check out these unique ideas from the community.

One of the best things about New Horizons is the unlimited customization you get over your island. It’s fun to create little suburbs for our villagers, but what about when you want to sit back and relax in nature? Check out these Animal Crossing garden ideas from the community to draw inspiration for your own.

10. Botanical Garden

Animal Crossing garden botanical

Are you an avid flower breeder on your island and want to showcase all the rare hybrids you’ve created? Check out this botanical garden idea from an Animal Crossing player in Japan. It’s cute and only uses a few custom tiles – one for each flower you want to showcase.

Creator Code: ACNH Signs

9. Tilled Soil for Gardens

Tilled Soil for Animal Crossing garden

This three-tile custom set of tilled soil will turn any farming space into a wonderful look. Some of the furniture in the game makes great pretend flowers, as you can see in the image above, created by Twitter user @sfrnjm. This is one of the best looking tilled soil tilesets for any Animal Crossing garden.

Creator Code: MA-8877-8483-6699

8. Colorful Garden with Fountain

colorful ACNH garden

Celebrate your pride with a flower and fountain centerpiece in your Animal Crossing combo. You can use any combination of flowers you fancy, but the rainbow look created here looks great. It’s an outstanding way to add a splash of color to your garden or showcase your LGBTQ+ pride.

7. Butterfly Garden

ACNH butterfly garden

Love butterflies? Create a butterfly garden on your Animal Crossing island with a little help from Flick. Save up three of each butterfly you want to feature, then turn them into Flick one-by-one. Eventually, you’ll have enough butterfly statues to create a gorgeous butterfly garden. Consider matching flowers that are complementary to the butterflies you pick.

Creator Codes

  • Wooden Circles: MA-0595-9598-0189
  • Flowers: MA-8617-7781-8905
  • Mushroom Code: MA-3591-5499-0146

6. Bamboo Garden

ACNH bamboo garden

There are plenty of bamboo furniture items you can place around your island. Take some inspiration from them by creating your own amazing bamboo garden. The above garden was created by Hollie Bennett on Twitter. But there are plenty of other bamboo gardens to take inspiration from.

Creator Code: ACNH Wood Paths

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5. Rock Garden

ACNH rock garden

Do you love the basic look of a rock garden? Create your own with a mixture of rocks and custom rock pathways. This one is a little hard to achieve if you want in-game rocks to appear in certain places on your island. It involves covering your whole island except where you want the rocks to appear. It takes a lot of time investment, but it’s so worth it for a unique rock garden.

Creator Code: MA-7602-6289-8491

4. Animal Crossing Garden & Greenhouse

ACNH garden greenhouse

Spruce up your island with a small greenhouse area in your garden. Add a wheelbarrow, and a few custom stall patterns to design the greenhouse of your dreams. Don’t forget numerous potted plant furniture items can be used outside for that extra green thumb look.

Creator Code: ACNH Stall Designs

3. Zen Sand Garden

ACNH zen garden

There are some great ideas floating around for zen sand gardens from Animal Crossing creators. Check out this unique zen garden that incorporates several different custom tiles to create a unique and authentic look.

Creator Code: MA-2344-2705-1399

2. Fairy Ring Garden

Animal Crossing garden

Not every garden idea for Animal Crossing has to look so manicured and professionally done. You can turn a rural area of your island into a fairy ring, complete with mushrooms and stumps. Pine stumps work best with this due to their darker hue. Feel free to experiment with the type of bush you use, holly blooms in the winter for a nice effect.

Creator Code: Twitter

1. CottageCore Garden

Animal Crossing garden cottagecore

The ‘cottagecore‘ aesthetic is one of the most popular trends among the Animal Crossing community. Turn a nook of your island into a beautiful garden with a few simple ideas. Stick to simple flower colors and use the rustic fences to offset your cottage core garden nook.

Creator Code: Tumblr

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