Nook Miles Islands Animal Crossing

The randomly generated Nook Miles islands you encounter in Animal Crossing: New Horizons aren’t entirely random.

There are a few different archetypes of islands that can be generated when you redeem a ticket. There are currently 20 different island types, each with a specific focus. We’ve highlighted them below in an easy to read guide so you can quickly determine which island type you have.

Tip: Emote and clap at Orville until he blushes to get a higher chance at a random island.

Nook Miles Islands — Normal Archetype

Nook Miles islands Type 1

The typical archetype islands have four different designs and will feature your island’s fruit and flowers. The spiral layout is probably the most recognizable archetype on the list.

Of the four islands, the pond-only island has the least chance to spawn. Consequently, it is also one of the best to clear to farm tarantulas at night.

Nook Miles Islands — Resource Archetype

Nook Miles Islands Type 2

The next archetype is heavy on resources for filling your crafting coffers. The mountain island features three levels of cliffs and lots of rocks to hit. The mountain island does not feature good spawn points for bug farming.

The bamboo island is the best island to transform into a tarantula-hunting island after dark. Both hardwood island designs are great for shaking trees and farming wood.

Nook Miles Islands — Unique Archetype

Nook Miles Island Type 3

All four islands in this archetype have something unique about them. The falls island is excellent for fishing up river and ocean fish. Fruit islands have a higher number of fruit trees and may have fruit that isn’t native to your island.

The curly island is excellent for catching water-related insects like dragonflies and giant water bugs. Finally, the trash island is unique for fishing up cans, tires, and boots for those DIY crafting recipes.

Nook Miles Islands — Special Archetype

Nook Miles Island Type 4

The four islands in this archetype are considered rare and worth farming. The first two layouts contain mostly money rocks that can be used to harvest bells.

An octagon-shaped river signals Tarantula Island, which naturally spawns the spiders. They are worth 8,000 bells apiece, making them excellent farming fodder. Finally, the flower island usually contains rare hybrid flower colors like blue, purple, black, and orange.

Nook Miles Islands — Special Archetype #2

Nook Miles Islands Type 5

The last four islands are even more special than the previous tier. Scorpion island is excellent for farming scorpions, which sell for 8,000 bells apiece. It also has at least one rock that is a money rock.

There are two big fish islands – one a pond and one a river layout – for fishing up rare big fish. Finally, the last design features a rectangular water feature and is for fishing up rare ocean fish.

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