Animal Crossing deck patterns

These player-made Animal Crossing deck patterns are the perfect fit for your summer island. Keep scrolling for more colors.

Decking out your island with a swimming pool, a BBQ and picnic set, and a nice deck are great summer ideas. These ACNH deck patterns are all player-created and contributed by the community.

Be sure to visit each creator individually to see more ideas at their personal Tumblr or Twitter page.

10. Marble Deck

Animal Crossing deck patterns

Who needs a deck pattern that looks like it’s made from wood? This ACNH deck pattern is designed to complement the marble wall and floors already in the game. It’s probably suited best to use inside your house only, as the edges are rough and not intended for outside use.

Creator Code: MA-4705-2313-8973

9. Stone and Wood Elevated Deck

Animal Crossing stone deck

Wish you could make the default wood and stone pathways appear raised? This ACNH deck pattern does just that! It works well to give villagers their own little porch or stoop. That works especially well if you’re using doormats for your village.

Creator Code: MA-8861-1513-7160

8. Light Wood Boardwalk Deck

Animal Crossing deck pattern

This player-created ACNH deck pattern creates a nice boardwalk look along your island. It’s a great place to put stalls and extra visitor activities along your beach. It is also one of the few deck patterns on this list that uses vertical boards rather than horizontal.

Creator Code: MA-9115-9170-3990

7. Elevated Deck (Off-White)

Animal Crossing deck white

Looking for a light and cheery deck to complement the rest of your island? This elevated deck will complement any cute island with its off-white color. It takes nine creator slots to use effectively, so keep that in mind if you plan on using this deck path.

Creator Code: MA-4387-7567-9636

6. Grey Weathered Boardwalk

Animal Crossing deck patterns

Want something a little bit different than the vertical boardwalk ACNH deck featured above? This player-created code is a weathered boardwalk that goes well with the rope fence. The pattern only takes up nine creator slots.

Creator Code: MA-8492-0659-9518

5. White Deck

Tired of all the off white decking meant to match pastel islands? This white deck is pure white and goes well with any of the outdoor furniture. Give your villagers a gorgeous outdoor cafe or library to peruse with this ACNH deck pattern.

Creator Code: MA-8683-2518-6524

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4. Square Wooden Deck

Animal Crossing square deck

This ACNH deck pattern features squares that look like flooring. It’s a great pattern to use to create an outdoor library or sitting area. This Animal Crossing deck pattern only takes up five pattern slots, so it is more conservative than some other patterns on this list.

Creator Code: MA-1944-3607-0670

3. Grey Wooden Deck

ACNH deck pattern

This Animal Crossing deck pattern looks a little worn-out for those going for a certain rustic look. The creator also included small grass weeds growing up the tiles that give the height illusion. Overall this is one of my favorite ACNH deck patterns I’ve found, from a Japanese ACNH player.

Creator Code: MA-8285-8825-5686

2. Cream Colored Wooden Deck

ACNH wooden white deck

Want a light wooden deck to complement your ACNH island? This ACNH deck pattern is great for islands going for a pastel theme. The cream-colored wood looks great on both grass and sand and there are stairs to create the illusion of height. The only downside to this Animal Crossing deck pattern is just how many slots it takes.

Creator Code: MA-5285-5825-5686

1. Dark Wood Deck with Stairs

Animal Crossing wooden deck

This Animal Crossing deck comes with a fake step to make multi-level rooms. You can harness your inner Kramer and build the rooms in your house with levels. Some of the ACNH deck patterns below also look great in the house. Best of all, this pattern only takes up two slots.

Creator Code: MA-8569-4772-9405

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