Animal Crossing stone paths

Liven up your ACNH island with this unique collection of stone paths.

A new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch has increased the custom pattern limit to 100. It’s still an abysmally small amount for how creative this community is, which is why there are so many things I hate about Animal Crossing. We’re celebrating the good things though, so check out these ACNH stone paths to deck out your island.

10. Cute Pink Stone Paths

A cute look at pink brick stone paths in Animal Crossing.

This pastel brick path with a flowery border is just perfect for spring, for the upcoming sakura blossoms (and pink trees!), and for any island looking for more soft pastels. The bricks are described as cream-colored, although they carry enough of a pink hue that this path may not work with a lot of players’ island aesthetics.

That being said, this path would look stunning surrounded by pink flowers. While not for everyone, this path will hit just right for some.

Creator Code: MA-9296-7937-4704

9. Checkered Green Stone Path

ACNH stone paths green checkered

This checkered stone path contains 14 tiles altogether for the full pattern, but you could get away with a lot fewer if you weren’t concerned with the edge pieces. Either way, this is a lovely white and blue stone pattern reminiscent of a fancy courtyard. This is another stone path that would go nicely with many types of aesthetics, whether you’re looking to keep it relatively country or branch out into a bustling island city.

Creator Code: MA-4394-4075-9363

8. Square Stone Tile Path

ACNH stone paths

A great design that’s only one tile, this square stone tiles path is simple and elegant. One tile paths are easy to use by nature, so not as much planning has to go into making space for them. This is a more minimalistic approach to a single tile path and it’s another one that, due to its transparent slots in between the stone, really shines with natural design elements like hedges and shrubs.

Creator Code: MA-4036-2251-4673

7. Diamond Stone Paths

ACNH diamond stone path

This stone path design is only a single tile, which doesn’t allow for a lot of versatility, but if you’re looking for a nice patio design or a straight path that doesn’t go terribly far, this might be the perfect design for you.

Especially if you would rather keep your design slots freed up for other ideas besides paths. This pattern looks nice against the grass and therefore works well with hedges, bushes, and other natural design elements. Being a single tile, it’s also very easy to place and use.

Creator Code: MA-8459-5908-5347

6. Animal Crossing Cobblestone Paths

Animal Crossing cobblestone paths

Another stone path designed to look like the cobblestones of Animal Crossing games past! This one is a little less soft around the edges, which is more reminiscent of the old cobblestones it’s meant to emulate. This pattern works well around buildings or anywhere you want to set up a particular landmark or tourist destination on your island.

Creator Code: MA-0951-2883-5380

5. Stone Path with Wildflowers

This stone path is adorned with sparkly looking wildflowers for a great spring feel, although due to the sparkly appearance of the flowers, this path would probably also look really nice during the winter months when snow is on the ground (depending on your hemisphere, of course).

Some players aren’t too inclined to redecorate their entire island when it snows, so it’s sometimes nice to utilize patterns that work well in any season to maintain those good vibes.

Creator Code: MA-6624-9147-4107

4. Dark Stone Path / Black Stone Path

ACNH dark stone path

For fans of a spookier aesthetic, these dark stone tiles are sure to match well with the Halloween items or any of the dark flowers and gothic architecture items for all your graveyard decorating needs any time of year. The pumpkin fence in particular really shines with this path. 

Creator Code: MA-3716-0662-9443

3. Animal Crossing Cobblestone

Animal Crossing classic cobblestone

If you miss some of the aesthetic of the classic Animal Crossing titles, this cobblestone path might scratch that itch. It looks very similar to the old cobblestone found in the player’s neighborhood in Animal Crossing for GameCube. This could be used to set up neighborhoods in a similar way on your island.

Creator Code: MA-4506-3277-6895

2. Old Brick Path

With more subtle shades of brown, this old brick path would be perfect for areas where you want the hint of an old road or ruins. Perhaps some greater mystery lies on your island, with old ruined structures. The signs of past inhabitants may add stories yet to be written in the history of the land.

Creator Code: MA-0173-9195-8808

1. Gorgeous Stone Path Bricks

ACNH stone path bricks

This lovely stone brick path in soft shades of grey would make a perfect addition to both Cottagecore and more “city” inspired islands. Taking up fewer design slots than many intricate Animal Crossing paths, it’s also versatile enough to fit in just about anywhere.

Creator Code: MA-6956-4949-0973

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