Animal Crossing cherry blossoms

Love cherry blossom season? Don’t miss these great player-made Animal Crossing patterns for sakura season.

Cherry blossom season only lasts for a few fleeting days in Animal Crossing, but it’s always so gorgeous when it comes around. If you love the pink blossoms and sakura petals floating around your island, you can capitalize on that look with these Animal Crossing cherry blossom patterns.

10. Pink Picnic Blanket

Animal Crossing cherry blossoms

Creator Code: MA-0660-9222-4993

Until Nintendo allows us to decorate outside with Saharah’s rugs, we’ll have to continue to make do with custom picnic blanket patterns. This one is a soft checkered pink, perfect for spring and cherry blossom season! Set up your picturesque picnic under the pink trees. Arrange a picnic for your favorite animal villagers.

9. Sakura Kimono

Animal Crossing cherry blossoms

Creator Code: MA-3287-0507-0338

Nothing says cherry blossom season like a sakura kimono! With soft blossom accents, this kimono is subtle but apropo, and would pair perfectly with the cherry blossom parasol for your peaceful walks through the forest for a moment of zen.

8. Cherry Blossom Dress & Hat

Animal Crossing cherry blossoms

Creator Code: MA-7179-2841-1242

For an outfit with a little more whimsy, this cherry blossom hat and dress are fairycore perfection. A little pop of spring green makes this a fun look to pair with more natural “foresty” accessories, and you’re ready for a day amongst the flowers and toadstools. Time for another spring break!

7. Animal Crossing Cherry Blossoms Coat

Animal Crossing cherry blossoms

Creator Code: MA-3225-4074-3010

This pretty pink coat with sakura branches and petal polka dots is an ideal ensemble for a themed photoshoot. Reminiscent of a Japanese school uniform, this little coat would be great for spring with or without the cherry blossoms, but since the cherry blossoms only last a few days, why not take advantage of the aesthetic?

6. Scattered Cherry Blossoms

Animal Crossing cherry blossoms

Creator Code: MA-0625-9690-0272

Cherry blossom petals falling all around you, but where do they go? Now you can decorate your island in sakura style with these gorgeous scattered petals! Even just a patch of these here and there can really transform an island into a soft pink paradise when paired with the beautiful cherry blossom trees.

5. Animal Crossing Cherry Blossoms Petal Heart

Animal Crossing cherry blossoms

Creator Code: MA-2666-2445-8950

Another petal pile shaped like a heart, this one differs from the other design featured in this list in that it’s hollow and the petals are more detailed. If you’re designing a romantic getaway or a wedding spot on your island, this is one little pattern you might not want to ignore!

4. Cherry Blossoms Path – Sakura Petals

cherry blossom path

Creator Code: MA-2096-3018-6835

If you’re looking for a custom path that’s detailed and brimming with nature, this path is the sakura version of the creator’s regular grass path, and the two look absolutely stunning together. Edged with clovers and sprinkles of extra grass, this is the sort of path you trail through the deepest forest, where all the magic is bound to happen.

3. Animal Crossing Cherry Blossoms Border Path

cherry blossom border

Creator Code: MA-6043-9047-5792

When you like decorating with the in-game paths but just want that little pop of customization, this blossom border path is for you! Add it to either side of your paths for a freshly swept look. Much quicker to decorate with than an entirely custom path, overlay paths like this don’t take up nearly as many custom design slots either.

2. Heart Sakura Petals

cherry blossom heart petal

Creator Code: MA-3559-3782-2947

Scattered petals are cute, but they make you want to gather them into piles. Alongside the craftable pink petal pile, you might also like to incorporate this heart-shaped pile of petals into your hidden romantic reading nook. This is also a great pattern for wedding season, which is right around the corner!

1. Pink Cloud Petals

Animal Crossing cherry blossoms

Creator Code: MA-9296-7937-4704

When brick paths just won’t cut it for your vision, maybe it’s time to try this fluffy pink cloud path! A fun and magical look, you could drape your island in this path even without the pink trees, but cherry blossom season just really makes this path pop. The creator has a version with and without strawberry accents, so choose whichever suits your island best.

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