Need lots of star fragments in the Legend of Zelda: BotW? Here’s our guide on getting them in bulk.

Star fragments are necessary for some of the recipes you’ll encounter in Breath of the Wild. They’re very rare, since they only appear in the game briefly at night and you have to track them across the sky to reach the end of the rainbow, so to speak. These fragments are necessary for cooking, or to upgrade armor at the Great Fairies.

You can luck across star fragments in buried chests, but you’re far more likely to encounter them while wandering around Hyrule at night. Dogs may occasionally lead you to a fragment to dig up if you interact with them, too. Here’s how to increase your odds of encountering this rare crafting material.

  1. Star fragments appear between 9 pm and 3 am.
  2. You will see a streak across the sky, prompting you to follow it.
  3. Shooting stars can appear on any night, but the community believes they have a greater chance to appear during a full moon.
  4. Be careful! If a star fragment falls in water, it is lost forever.

To maximize your chances of seeing a shooting star, you should find a vantage point where you can see lots of sky over open land. When you eventually do see a shooting star, you’ll see a yellow beacon that appears where the shooting star landed.

botw star fragment beacon

Use your scope to drop a pin on the star fragment to keep track of it. You have until 5 am to pick up the star fragment, so you should start making your way there quickly. (Speed elixirs help a lot with this.)

How to Use Star Fragments

Once you’ve farmed them, you may wonder what you can do with them. They’re a great way to make quick money, as they sell for 300 rupees. They also increase health you gain from a meal, but there are better (less expensive) ingredients for that. You’ll need the star fragments to trade to the Great Fairies for armor upgrades. Some sets like the ancient armor and Gerudo Town tiaras can only be upgraded with these fragments.

Where can I farm star fragments in BotW?

You can reliably farm for star fragments at the top of the Dueling Peaks. You can warp to the nearby Shee Vaneer Shrine to get there quickly. Dueling Peaks gives Link a great overview of Central Hyrule. Face west so that the castle is on the right side of your screen. Light a fire and wait until night time. Once the star appears and lands, you can jump from Dueling Peaks with your glider.

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