make bells in Animal Crossing

Looking for some tips on how to make bells in Animal Crossing? Surprisingly, bells do grow on trees.

Let’s face it – bells power the island paradise Tom Nook runs. You need them to upgrade your house, buy bridges and inclines, and much more.

Thankfully, the economy in Animal Crossing is pretty forgiving. You won’t necessarily run out of bells per se, but some activities pay better than others. Here is a list of the best ways to earn bells in Animal Crossing.

Guide to Make Bells in ACNH

Plant Non-Native Fruit

make bells in Animal Crossing

One of the best ways to earn bells in Animal Crossing is by planting non-native fruit trees on your island. Each non-native fruit sells for 500 bells – 100 more than your native fruit. A stack will net 5,000 bells from the Nook twins.

Each island starts with a native fruit (cherries, pears, oranges, peaches, apples) and a sister fruit. The sister fruit is still non-native, but it appears more often on Nook Island tours. Coconuts are always non-native since no island starts with them.

Save your native fruit to sell at a friend’s island to get maximum gains. You can fill your inventory with your native fruit for only 400 bells per fruit. You can sell it for 500 bells at friend’s island, netting a gain of 100 bells per bought fruit.

Plant a Money Tree

make bells in Animal Crossing

Once you’re past the tutorial stage of the game, every morning, a shiny spot shows up on your island. If you dig it up, you’ll be granted 1,000 bells. But have you ever noticed how the hole is shiny? Toss a bag of 10,000 bells into it, and you’re guaranteed a return of 30,000 bells. Not bad for just waiting for a tree to grow, eh?

There appears to be a pattern to this that can be determined by planting 11,000 bells over a month. Recording the results in a journal should help you identify when you always get 33,000 bells. On those days, you can plant up to 99,000 bells and get a guaranteed three times return on your bells.

The video below has more information on finding your money tree pattern.

Save Fish & Bugs

make bells in Animal Crossing

It may seem counter-intuitive to save your high-dollar fish and bugs, but trust me, it’s worth it. Every week, Flick or CJ will visit your island to buy bugs and fish. Both of them will pay a premium price for their respective hobbies.

  • High-Value Fish: Red Snapper, Barred Knifejaw, Oarfish, Sharks
  • High-Value Bugs: Orchid Mantis, Peacock Butterfly, Emperor Butterfly, Giant Water Bugs, Tarantulas, Beetles

If you’re patient and sell to Flick and CJ, all of your catches will earn you big bells.

Farm Tarantulas

Animal Crossing make bells

Tarantulas in Animal Crossing sell for 8,000 bells to the Nook twins. That number goes up to 12,000 when you sell them to Flick. Tarantulas like to spawn at night, after 7 pm and in wide-open areas.

You can farm Tarantulas on Nook Miles islands after stripping it bare. You’ll want an island without a river – preferably a bamboo island. Once it’s empty of resources and flowers (move it all to the beach), you can begin your hunt. Just be careful while hunting – if the tarantula spots you first, it’s lights out.

Note: In the summer months of the game, tarantulas are replaced by scorpions. They are worth just as much and can be farmed the same way.

Play the Stalk Market

Stalk Market ACNH

You can buy turnips from Daisie Mae every Sunday from 5 am to 12 pm Daisie Mae sells the turnips at a different price each week. Then, the Nook twins offer two prices per day for the turnips. The goal is to sell them at a premium and reap maximum rewards.

You can reap the most benefits by communicating with other players. There are websites set up to exchange turnips at primo prices to earn bells in ACNH.

It is one of the best ways to make bells in ACNH – if you’re willing to be social. Use a tool like AC Turnip to monitor your prices and predict your turnip patterns.

Sell Access to Your Island

earn bells in ACNH

Do you have rare flower breeds, an excellent turnip price, or a highly sought after villager moving out? You can sell access to your island online to other players.

Many players donate star fragments, bells, and even Nook Miles Tickets for great turnip prices. It costs nothing to communicate with other players and set up a way for them to sell their turnips quickly.

Breed Flowers

This method takes the most time investment, but it is something you can sell to other players. Breeding hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing is a very involved process. The game uses real Mendelian genetics to determine hybrid colors, making black and gold extra rare.

All hybrid colors of flowers sell for more than the standard colors, but nothing sells as good as black and gold roses. Once you can grow black and gold roses, you can sell them for 1,000 per flower at the Nook twins. Players will pay much more to get their rose farm started.

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