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Express your Animal Crossing LGBT pride with these neat clothing and decor items.

The Animal Crossing community is an amazing place for LGBTQ people to meet. Luckily, the community has made lots of clothing and decor items for us to express ourselves.

Check out these clothing designs that feature flags from each part of our vibrant community. You’ll find something for everyone in the Animal Crossing LGBTQ community below.

15. LGBTQ Sweaters

The creator of these four sweaters has plenty more on their Tumblr for other spectrums. These sweaters are designed to look like the respective flag for each orientation. Check out the creator’s Tumblr tag below for more designs for asexual, aromantic, bi, lesbian, and more.

Creator Code: MA-4212-7120-4324

14. Simple Pride Hoodie

ACNH pride hoodie

This simple design features the rainbow flag along the sleeves for a subdued look. The design can also be used on any other piece of clothing for a subdued look.

Creator Code: MA-7405-0427-0499

13. Bi Stripes Dress

This gorgeous little dress celebrates those among us who are often erased from representation. Celebrate your bisexual pride with this ACNH LGBT dress. Looking for more inspiration? Don’t miss our unusual Animal Crossing paths.

Creator Code: MA-2615-2618-7797

12. ACNH LGBT – Lesbian Sweater

While we’ve highlighted this creator’s Lesbian flag sweater, she actually has several LGBT-themed designs. Check out her creator code below to see more Animal Crossing LGBT designs.

Creator Code: MA-9655-9079-3193

11. ACNH Pride Sweater

Animal Crossing lgbt sweaters

Want something a little more vibrant than the simple pride hoodie above? This creator went all out on creating LGBT sweaters that are gorgeous. Gay, trans, lesbian, and bisexual people are represented among her creations.

Creator Code: MA-6152-5543-3115

10. Animal Crossing LGBT – Overalls

Animal Crossing lgbt trans overalls

This creator has an overall design that features many of the flags from the LGBT community. The pattern can also be adapted to a short-sleeve dress. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and greysexuals are all represented with this creator.

Creator Code: MA-2383-8999-2110

9. Ace Hoodie

Animal Crossing lgbt Ace hoodie

This creator also has LGBT hoodie designs for the rest of the spectrum under her creator code. I love the design of the Ace Hoodie, incorporating our flag with neat trim. Check out other spectrum flags below.

Creator Code: MA-2556-6005-6345

8. Rainbow Hoodie

ACNH LGBT Rainbow Hoodie

This rainbow hoodie design is a bit different from the one featured above. It is from the same creator of the Ace Hoodie listed just above. I couldn’t resist highlighting this one because of the cute little rainbow cuffs. More spectrum designs at this creator code.

Creator Code: MA-2556-6005-6345

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7. Rainbow Drip Hat & Sweater


This amazing design also has a sweater complement from the same creator. The excellent drip effect looks amazing on the black background. The rainbow brim on the hat adds a touch of extra flair.

If you’re all about showing your Animal Crossing LGBT community pride, this design is for you. Hats off to this creator, it’s excellent. Find more designs at the creator code below.

Creator Code: MA-6641-7344-6752

6. Rainbow Pride Hoodie

Animal Crossing lgbt hoodie

Want to express your LGBT pride with a variety of designs? This creator has two similar rainbow hoodie designs and at least a bi sweater that goes along with it.

Creator Code: MA-9970-5709-2228

5. Classic LGBT Shirts

ACNH lgbt shirt

This classic shirt is perfect if you’re going for a vibrant pride look. The creator also features trans, bi, non-binary, and lesbian designs for the Animal Crossing LGBT community.

Creator Code: MA-2013-4749-4461

4. Dripping Pride Heart

Animal Crossing LGBT dripping heart

The creator of this dripping heart design has them available in several spectrums. The classic rainbow look is my favorite, but there are designs for trans, bi, pan, lesbian, ace, and enbys.

Creator Code: MA-4822-0464-1552

3. Bi Pride Sweater

Animal Crossing Bi Pride Sweater

This classic take on a zig-zag sweater reps those who are most often erased. Enjoy repping the Animal Crossing LGBT community in this Bi Pride Sweater. Other spectrums available at the creator code.

Creator Code: MA-1085-4909-0277

2. LGBT Flag Cheeks

ACNH lgbt cheeks

Are you sad that most pride parades are canceled this year due to COVID-19? Celebrate in-game with the rest of the Animal Crossing LGBT community with these flag cheek paints. The creator may have more spectrum colors at the ID below.

Creator Code: MA-8262-3416-9326

1. Pride Jean Hoodie

Animal Crossing LGBT pan hoodie

The creator of this design started with a jean hoodie, then added a subtle patch for pride. So far, there is a jean hoodie design for pan, bo, trans, lesbian, and enby people. This creator takes requests, so feel free to reach out.

Creator Code: MA-7935-3105-2275

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