ACNH patterns

Looking for fun ACNH patterns for panels and wall art to decorate your island?

Look no further than these 15 design ideas that will help you transform your Animal Crossing island. Set up a beach tiki bar where all your villagers can gather. Or a baker’s stall with plenty of fresh bread. The ACNH community has unlimited creativity when it comes to creating new panel ideas.

15. Blathers Museum Icon

Want to create a stunning entrance for your island’s museum? This little ACNH pattern is designed to look like the museum’s logo as you enter. It’s a great compliment to anyone who is serious about having a gorgeous museum entrance.

Creator Code: MA-5426-1914-7897

14. Assorted Shelves

These assorted shelves can help you create shop areas on your island. One is meant to look like flower bulbs on a shelf, while another features bottles and an inkwell. Mushrooms and a tiny treasure box round out the collection.

These ACNH patterns look great on panels, where the pattern repeats twice.

Creator Code: MA-2907-7990-9756

13. Booze Bottles

Want to create a place on your island where everybody knows your name? This clever ACNH design is meant to mimic some of the most famous alcohol bottles in the world. Mix this with the executive desk to create an in-house bar for your friends to visit.

Creator Code: MA-4488-9420-8984

12. Wine Barrels

Animal Crossing panels

These wine barrels help create a gorgeous cafe setting in your basement. Or stack them up outside on panels for a wine bar. They’re rustic enough that they go well with just about any of the decor available in Animal Crossing.

Creator Code: MA-7700-5733-9889

11. Mushroom Shelf

This cute little mushroom shelf features at least four different kinds of mushrooms. It pairs well with the assorted shelves look above for creating a witch hut in the woods. Be sure to check out other Animal Crossing paths to complement these panels.

Creator Code: MA-9678-8973-9542

10. ACNH Panels – Bakery

These ACNH panels are made to look like freshly baked bread, along with jars of honey and jam. Create that old-timey general store look for your island visitors. They’re also a great complement to any kitchen with an open pantry design.

Creator Code: MA-7588-1918-3598

9. Cakes & Pies Menu

These panels are a great addition to any swanky cafe. Offer your patrons a strawberry shortcake, matcha roll, blueberry cheesecake, or a decadent chocolate pie. These ACNH panels are great for anyone who wants a functional-looking cafe.

Creator Code: MA-7100-5771-8553

8. Pretzels & Breads

Set up an amazing little street cafe with these ACNH panels that feature pretzels, loaves of bread, and more. This set of panels is an amazing compliment to the ACNH bakery panels featured above.

Creator Code: MA-4373-1661-5636

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7. Plant Panels

Have a greenhouse area that you want to spruce up? These ACNH panels are made to look like potted plants. They also look good as an alcove in a living room for a great accent.

Creator Code: MA-7378-5147-7039

6. Bell Bag Shelves

ACNH bell bags

Want to run your own bell-bag empire a-la Tom Nook? You need this creative ACNH panel pattern that looks like rows of bell bags stacked together. Combine that with a few DIY recipes like the gold bar stack and you’ve got your own First National Bank of You.

Creator Code: MA-4311-7275-5548

5. Dispensary – ACNH Panels

Run a cute little dispensary out of your ACNH island with this chic panel. Do you prefer Indica or Sativa? Even if you’re not looking to run a dispensary, this little panel is a cute addition to any greenhouse or museum.

Creator Code: MA-4990-1878-0889

4. Train Panels

If you’re creating a more urban island, check out these train schedule panels designed to go with track path patterns. They create a unique look that compliments any urban ACNH island.

Creator Code: MA-2224-5072-6020

3. Nook’s Cranny 7-11 Style

Another great addition to any Animal Crossing urban island is this lovely panel. It’s the 7-11 logo but stylized to read Nook’s Cranny. It looks great on an island where you’ve got lots of urban decor going.

Creator Code: MA-0986-8370-1574

2. Train Sign & Schedule

This cute train sign and schedule will complement the train map listed earlier on this page. It’s a great look for anyone who is building an urban island out of their Animal Crossing experience.

Creator Code: MA-7183-0651-4754

1. Brewery Panels

This creator went all out with ACNH panels to create a brewery look. Glasses and bottles on a green backing make up behind the bar. Paintings designed to look like giant beer hoppers help to complete the look.

Creator Code: MA-4165-8440-1770

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