Mario Pipes ACNH

The new Animal Crossing update features Mario pipes with a new teleport function.

The upcoming Mario Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is bringing lots of Mario-themed items to the island. One of those is a warp pipe that introduces a new teleport function to the island. The announcement came as part of the Nintendo Direct released yesterday.

We’ve only got a brief preview of how these new items will function. But a Japanese publication has provided a few more details about how the Mario pipes will work.

You Can Have More Than Two Warp Pipes

You need at least two warp pipes to create a teleport on your island. But what happens if you add more than one warp pipe? Nintendo says this is completely doable, but you can’t choose where the pipes go. Instead, the game will spit you out in a random place based on how many pipes you have.

Players can’t program or pre-determine the pipes, so that limits some of the functionality. Many people were hoping to place the warp pipes in four corners of their island for easy access from a Warp Zone-style room. That’s still possible, but you won’t be able to choose where you go. Right now, we don’t know of a set limit on warp pipes. If it stays the same as other buildable items, eight may be the limit.

Warp Pipes Work In and Outside Your House

It’s been confirmed that players will be able to place warp pipes inside their homes. These pipes will then teleport the player either to another room or outside altogether. If you place all of your warp pipes in your house, you can be transported to different rooms. Unfortunately, you can’t give Villagers a warp pipe and expect to be able to go there. That’s not how the feature works.

Mario Pipes Work in Multiplayer Animal Crossing Sessions

One of the downsides of multiplayer in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is how limited the multiplayer aspect feels. Nintendo has confirmed that warp pipes are fully functional while friends are on your island.

That means they can use the pipes while visiting and be transported to different places. It’s such a small feature, but it’s welcome considering the limitations in place. Players can’t make terraforming changes or pick up furniture while friends are visiting.

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