how to paint switch controller

Did you know doing a custom paint job on your Switch Joy-Cons is easier than you think?

Check out this picture guide for how to paint a Switch controller with metallic spray paint. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about painting Joy-Cons.

Credit for these images goes to reddit user av3rn, who showed off the custom paint job. He opted to paint Switch controllers that match, but you could do a double color combination.

How to Paint Switch Controllers

how to paint Switch controllers
What You Need to Paint a Switch Controller

To get started, you will need a spare set of Joy-Cons. You don’t want to use your primary set in this mod, just in case you mess something up.

how to paint Joy Cons

Next, you’ll need spray paint. This mod uses metallic spray paint, which adds some texture to the controllers. You’ll also need fine-grit sandpaper to sand the outer plastic for an even coating.

Dis-assembling the Joy-Cons

Start by taking the Joy-Cons apart and setting the screws somewhere safe. There are four screws you need to remove to open the back of the Joy-Con.

A magnetic screw bowl will help you keep track of all your screws since this modification takes a while.

how to paint Switch Joy Cons

Be careful with the two ribbons that connect the railing. They are fragile and can easily be pulled out of their housing. Carefully remove the battery and you will see the controller’s circuit board below.

paint Switch controllers

Once you have removed the guts of the controller, set them aside in a safe place. You should have three parts for each controller. The front plate, the backplate, and a plate that holds the battery sandwiched between those two.

paint Switch controllers

Next, you will need fine-grit sandpaper to sand the entire surface of the controller. There is a small portion of the middle plate that shows, so sand there as well.

Start with 400 grit sandpaper and work your way higher for a more even coat. You don’t have to use higher grit sandpaper, but it will result in a better coat.

If you mess up painting later, you can always resand your work and start over.

paint Switch controllers

Now get your Joy-Con pieces ready to be painted. Place them on a piece of cardboard outside in a well-ventilated area. Give each piece a liberal coat of primer. Pay close attention to the edges of each piece for the best result.

Let the primer coating dry and then you can start spray painting. Make sure you get a thick but even coat. Do two coats if you are not satisfied after the first coat dries.

paint Switch controller

Make sure you paint the tops of the middle plate since that plastic sits between the Joy-Con buttons.

paint Switch controllers

The front and backplate of the Joy-Cons should take at least two coats to finish. The coat should be even and without any splotches. Give each coat of paint a few hours to dry.

Paint Switch Controller – Paint Detail

Once you are happy with the coating, now you can re-assemble the Joy-Cons. Make sure to be careful with the ribbons when you are putting the controllers back together. Check this guide for a more detailed description of how to re-assemble a Joy-Con.

Final Product

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