Animal Crossing signs

These player-made Animal Crossing signs will spruce up your island – or give you ideas for creating your own.

There are hundreds of ways you can use signs on your Animal Crossing island. Directing visitors is just one of the unique ways to use these DIY items. The recipe for Plain Shop Sign is obtained randomly, but you can trade for it.

Check out some of these ideas for Animal Crossing signs on your island. You might even find some inspiration for creating your own. These 15 Animal Crossing signs are perfect for creating a unique look on your island.

15. Free DIY Sign

Let your island visitors know they can take any of the DIY recipes you have with this sign. It’s a chalkboard look, which goes well with DIY stall patterns.

This Animal Crossing sign is the perfect complement to your free section. Don’t forget to host a DIY share party among your friends to learn new DIY recipes.

Creator Code: MA-3926-4717-2320

14. Fruit Tree Signs

Do you finally have one of each fruit available on your island? Arrange all of your fruit trees into an orchard and keep track of them with these signs. There’s a sign for each fruit, including coconuts.

Word of advice: Plant your fruit orchards on a diagonal to make fruit harvesting easy.

Creator Code: MA-4591-0526-8222

13. Flower & Orchard Signs

Keep your flowers safe by warning visitors not to run. Ask them for help with watering your flowers for an increased chance at flowering hybrids. The cute orchard sign lets everyone know where your fruit is.

These Animal Crossing signs are diverse and cute enough to fit into any decor.

Creator Code: MA-6920-5400-4105

12. ACNH Signs – Garden

Did you know your flowers get a bonus to their chance to breed when more people water them? Help your friends figure out which plants they should water and which to leave alone when they visit with these nifty ACNH garden signs.

Creator Code: MA-5618-5110-4921

11. Redd Warning Sign

ACNH signs Red warning

Have you spotted a mysterious red fox peddling art on your island? Warn your residents about the shifty fox with these clever warning signs. They’re available in two models – fresh and torn.

Creator Code: MA-1323-2692-9870

10. Botanical Garden Sign

Have a beautiful garden on your island that you want to show off? This botanical garden sign is the perfect complement to any gorgeous flower patch. The creator has the same design available in light or dark backgrounds to match your island.

Creator Code: MA-8970-1529-7521

9. Kirby Orchard – ACNH Signs

Kirby Orchard ACNH signs

Keep your orchard organized with these cute Kirby signs that highlight all the fruits. A general sign featuring an arrow and Kirby will point your visitors in the right direction.

Creator Code: MA-6469-8674-3454

8. Cafe Menu for Drinks & Food

Animal Crossing signs cafe

Like the idea of setting up a cafe for your villagers and visitors? These cafe menu signs feature drinks and food menu from the same creator. They match well with just about any decor and will help bump your Animal Crossing island up to 5 stars.

Creator Code: MA-4487-4488-3942

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7. Turnip Field Sign

Animal Crossing signs turnips

Have a cute little turnip field on your island that holds your crop until it’s time to sell? Finish the look with this cute little turnip sign for your island. It’s a gorgeous illustration that matches any Animal Crossing signs post you may have.

This creator has signs in the same style for a market, DIY recipes, and more. Check it out at the creator code below.

Creator Code: MA-8674-1895-0346

6. Tools Sign

Animal Crossing signs tools

This sign complements the Kirby Orchard signs mentioned above. It is done in the same style for highlighting your tool storage. It’s a unique look that matches most Animal Crossing signs you can make from DIY recipes.

Creator Code: MA-0558-4471-2625

5. Whimsical Turnip Sign

Animal Crossing signs turnip field

Want something a little more artistic to showcase in your turnip field? This turnip field painting is perfect to put in your turnip patch. Just watch out – it’s pretty enough that Redd may try to swipe it.

Creator Code: MA-7792-7461-5443

4. Tiki Bar Drinks Menu

Animal Crossing signs Tiki Bar Drink Menu

Have a Tiki Bar set up on your beach? Slap this drinks men pattern on a standalone panel to create a cohesive look. This drinks menu goes well with the orange awning in the picture. That pattern is also available from the same creator below.

Creator Code: MA-0935-5360-2114

3. Cute ACNH Signs

Cute Animal Crossing signs

This cute collection of Animal Crossing signs can help your visitors navigate your island. Leave fossils for them to grab, or ask for help watering your flowers. All of the signs are done in the same cute, whimsical style.

Creator Code: MA-4471-1720-0257

2. Floral Stained Glass Tiles

Animal Crossing signs

The creator of this tile series has several stained glass flower tiles. Roses, lilies, and more are available at their creator code. They’re a fun complement with the glass greenhouse look you can create with these ACNH stall patterns.

Creator Code: MA-1485-6917-1008

1. Museum Signs

Animal Crossing signs museum

Want to spruce up your museum? These Animal Crossing signs look like museum exhibits to share information. Place them on signs or standalone panels matched with extra fossils to create a unique look.

Creator Code: MA-9032-7228-6061

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