Animal Crossing paths

Tired of the default Animal Crossing paths? Spruce up your island with these player-made creations that stray far from the ordinary.

The default Animal Crossing path patterns are great for a basic look. But what if you want an island that stands out? Check out these player-made ACNH paths that pop and bring color to your island. We’ve featured designs that specifically aren’t similar to the default Animal Crossing paths. Want more patterns that match those? Check out these custom default path patterns.

Just be aware that some path patterns take up lots of pattern slots. It’s unfortunate that Nintendo launched the game with such a low pattern limit for creators. If you’d like to help improve that, tell Nintendo in their player surveys. Nintendo periodically sends email surveys to the email you used to create your Nintendo Account.

15. ACNH Paths – Rainbow Bricks

Animal Crossing paths rainbow bricks

The creator behind these rainbow bricks spent lots of time creating several different color palettes. The star pattern looks particularly fetching in front of the museum. Each pattern is just one block with no edging, so it is one of the cheaper player-made Animal Crossing paths in terms of slots used.

Creator Code: MA-9021-1733-6156

14. Natural Garden Stone Path

ACNH paths

This custom ACNH garden path is made up of six different tiles to offer some variety. Each tile perfectly complements the others, so they can be placed anyway. They also go well on top of the default paths like sand and dirt to create a different look.

Creator Code: MA-9735-6815-3749

13. Natural Stone Path – Brick Recolor

ACNH paths

Like the natural stone garden path featured above, but want it in a different color? Voila! This recolor by the original author is intended to go with the brick and terracotta ACNH paths. It only takes six tiles like the natural garden path, making it ideal for those short on pattern space.

Creator Code: MA-9735-6815-3749

12. Herringbone Flagstones

ACNH paths herringbone

These unique player-made Animal Crossing paths are only composed of four tiles. You can trim it down to just three if you prefer one herringbone design over the other. The path has a different-colored edge for creating a unique island look.

Creator Code: MA-5116-9644-5826

11. Light Wood Path

Animal Crossing paths

The default wood paths in Animal Crossing are nice, but they’re very dark. If you want a lighter, beach-complementing aesthetic this Animal Crossing path is great. It is only composed of a single tile, making it light on the pattern bank, too.

Creator Code: MA-4062-3302-7088

10. Artistic Garden Stones

ACNH paths

These paths are similar to the garden stone path above but have a more artistic look to them. The pattern only takes up three spaces, making it ideal if the six-slot above is too much.

Creator Code: MA-8295-9928-4992

9. Black Stone Bricks

ACNH paths

Most of the default paths in Animal Crossing can be a little too bright for some. These ACNH paths offer a darker black brick look for islands that want to have a subdued aesthetic. Check out these four black brick patterns.

Creator Code: MA-8912-7177-4971

8. Galaxy Path – 4 Colors

ACNH paths – Galaxy Path

This creator offers a unique galaxy brick pattern in four different colors under her ID. This darker purple brick is my favorite and looks excellent for any star-viewing area. Check out her creator code for lighter colors like light blue, pink, and teal.

Creator Code: MA-5047-0001-1952

More Animal Crossing

7. Grey Stones Mix n’ Match

Grey Stone Animal Crossing path

The creator has a bunch of mix n’ match patterns for creating a unique path on your island. Some include a mossy texture in the middle, others are round or square. The best part about this is each tile is a self-contained pattern – take only what you really like.

Creator Code: MA-5765-8794-2470

6. Natural Grassy Edges

Natural Grassy Edges – Animal Crossing patterns

If you like the look of the default Animal Crossing paths, these natural grassy edges look great. They’re designed to sit on top of any path and give it a bit of an overgrown look. Since the weeds are so pretty in this version of Animal Crossing, it looks especially nice.

Creator Code: MA-5765-8794-2470

5. Floral Stone Path

Floral Stone path – ACNH paths

This stone path is a unique look because the creator added tiny flower buds between each stone. While there are some large stones, the path is mostly composed of smaller pebbles. It looks great if you plan on creating a fairy forest on your island.

The downside of this path is that it takes up a massive 17 pattern slots. You can get by with just the completely filled out pattern if you use this on top of the default Animal Crossing paths.

Creator Code: MA-5240-0110-6868

4. Rainbow Brick Paths

Animal Crossing paths

If you didn’t like the rainbow stone paths above, maybe these rainbow brick paths will suit you. There are six pastel colors available and you can see what they look like over each default path in the screenshot.

Creator Code: MA-8113-4694-8560

3. Spring & Summer Brick

Spring & Summer Brick ACNH paths

These spring and summer brick paths look great if you like to do a seasonal island. The paths themselves don’t take up too many slots, either. The creator took time to add a flower border to both – look closely at those summer bricks for a cute surprise.

Creator Code: MA-6352-6078-6250

2. Cream Brick Path


This cream brick pattern is a softer tone than some of the other stone patterns in the game. It’s great if you want white-walkways that aren’t made from wood. The creator also has the same pattern in other colors.

Creator Code: MA-8912-7177-4971

1. Mosaic Tiles

Animal Crossing paths

This particular mosaic pattern has been around since Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You’ll need to have the NookLink QR code reader set up on your phone to use it. It’s available in 6 different colors and takes up 8 slots.

Creator Code: QR Codes

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