ACNH farm ideas

Discover these beautiful ACNH farm ideas created by the community.

Let’s face it, we all want to get away into the country and hide on a quaint farm with animals to tend to and only local concerns. The next best thing to that fantasy in real life is having it on your Animal Crossing island. Check out these amazingly creative ideas the community has come up with using panels, standees, and other clever props.

1. Soil

ACNH farm ideas

Every good farm has the proper soil. If you don’t want to just use the dirt path New Horizons includes once you can terraform your island and lay paths, this design features rows of raised soil. Keep in mind that if you want to incorporate flowers or pumpkins on your farm, you won’t be able to plant them on top of a custom pattern.

Creator Code: MA-8877-8483-6699

2. Crops

Hat designs when used creatively can go a long way toward adding something special to your island. For a farm setting, you might enjoy this watermelon hat with a section sliced off at the top. This would also look great on a market stall. Try using the DIY fruit hats and the ones you can buy as well and see what crops you can come up with.

Creator Code: MA-4513-2624-1921

3. Barn Doors

With a little help from simple panels and cutout standees, you can create the illusion of all sorts of buildings for your farm. These barn doors look great up against a square cliff with solar panels on top for a roof, and this simple formula of solar panels and simple panels can open up plenty of other ideas for buildings on your island.

Creator Code: MA-1944-3607-0570

4. Horses

Maybe you’d like to expand your farming enterprises and get some animals for your barn setup. Ignoring the fact that you might already have some horse villagers living on your island, here are a wide variety of horses peeking out of a barn window.

Creator Code: MA-4225-0273-4211

5. Horse Ideas

Animal Crossing farm ideas

If you can’t get enough horses, multiple creators have blessed the community with their skills in drawing pixel animals. Since simple panels duplicate the design used on them, it helps solidify the illusion if you place something in front of the panel to hide the bottom.

Creator Code: MA-8106-9516-3993

6. Donkey and Cow

Animal Crossing farm ideas

These wonderfully detailed cow and donkey designs can join the horses in your barn if you need even more animal variety on your ACNH island. Just don’t tell Tipper and the other cow villagers what you’re up to – or they may move out. Just kidding, mostly.

Creator Code: MA-6050-8097-2249

7. Geese and Rabbits

ACNH farm ideas

Horses and cows are fine and all, but what about something a bit smaller? How about these cutout standee designs for a goose and rabbit hutch? The great thing about cutout standees is that they count as pro designs and therefore take up custom clothing slots rather than the regular design slots. Rabbits, ducks, and geese are all perfect for a springcore aesthetic too.

Creator Code: Instagram

8. Chickens

Another hutch design using cutout standees, this time for chickens. This creator also includes some chicken patterns for use on panels or to be placed as art (which when placed on a stall can cast the illusion of a laying hen!)

Creator Code: MA-2921-3878-1096

9. Crates of Eggs

ACNH farm ideas

Umbrella patterns are another great decorating tool, since the octagon shape is ideal for creating box illusions. These crates full of eggs make a wonderful touch to any farm setting, and there’s even a version with tiny hatched chicks! It’s a great touch for the poultry area of your ACNH island farm ideas.

Creator Code: MA-4475-2304-6342

10. Garden Rake

Animal Crossing farm ideas

Tools can be placed into the environment to add extra detail to an area, but this garden rake head pattern is perhaps the most creative use of this. When you place a vaulting pole on top of it, the pole becomes the handle of the rake. What other patterns could be used to showcase the vaulting pole as a handle?

Even without a pattern, placing one behind a bucket makes it look as though it could be a mop. The Animal Crossing community is never lacking in creativity, especially with these genius ACNH farm ideas.

Creator Code: MA-1855-5519-2125

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