Animal Crossing paths

Animal Crossing paths are one of the best ways to change the look of your island.

These custom player-made path patterns for Animal Crossing offer accents to the default pathways. They’re designed to go well with bridge and inclines offered by Tom Nook, too.

Be sure to check out our first Animal Crossing paths post for even more pathways.

Stepping Stones

Animal Crossing paths – stepping stones

This pattern is a four-slot pattern that offers a cute stone path to your villager’s house or through the forest. The path is clean and transparent without any of the white jaggies that plague some others. It blends well on grass or the default dirt pattern.

Creator Code: MA-4471-1720-0257

Zen Bridge Wood Path

Animal Crossing zen bridge path

This wooden path pattern matches the Zen Bridge pretty closely if you use this in your town. It looks excellent and also doubles as a boardwalk. The creator shared a few more images below.

Creator Code: MA-4896-9540-5384

Museum Brick Path

Animal Crossing museum brick path

This pattern closely matches the museum brick pattern. It only takes up two of your custom slots and looks amazing in front of the museum. Use this pattern with the museum icon in another of our featured posts for a unique look.

Creator Code: MA-9469-5807-8965

Boardwalk Path

Animal Crossing boardwalk path

This Boardwalk path can turn your beach into a bustling area. Set up a few decorations and stalls and voila, you’ve got a nice visitors area! The little step up is a nice touch. Be sure to check out our first Animal Crossing paths post to see a wooden deck path for the default wood pattern.

Creator Code: MA-9268-6027-3558

Dirt Path Border

Animal Crossing dirt path pattern

This transparent path pattern is designed to be used on top of the existing dirt paths. It adds a slight border with small flower buds. It’s perfect for a forest set up and pairs well with the fairy path pattern featured below.

Creator Code: MA-9844-3124-8824

Fairy Path Pattern

This wooden path features small flowers and grass growing along the side. It’s perfect for a deep in the forest look. It also works well as a path leading to your house or villager’s houses.

Creator Code: MA-4471-9583-5567

Brick Path Border

Animal Crossing brick path border

This intricate brick path border takes up 16 creative slots if you download everything. You can probably get by with using only eight if you just want the cardinal directions. It gives paths a well-curated look instead of the overgrown look of the default paths.

Creator Code: MA-9448-9193-5517

Terracotta Path Border

Animal Crossing terracotta path border

This terracotta path border works well with the default path in the game. It offers some nice edging to make your town look great. Best of all, it only takes up eight slots unlike some of the other border patterns on this list.

Creator Code: MA-2579-1401-1104

Stone Curb Pattern

Stone curb pattern

Looking for a good border path for the default stone pathway? Look no further than this player-made creation. It works well even on curves and hides the ugly grass border on default paths.

Creator Code: MA-8249-1271-3852

Brick Path With Sides

Animal Crossing brick path

This three-slot brick path pattern looks great as an accent to houses. It works well with grass or the default dirt paths behind it. There are no white jaggies that sometimes appear on transparent patterns.

Creator Code: MA-5379-1521-8798

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