Check out some of these amazing Animal Crossing wood paths for your island.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community continues to be one of the most creative gaming communities online. Are you in love with the rustic, natural look of wood and want to bring it home to your ACNH island? Check out these wood paths to bring some #cottagecore aesthetic.

There are also a variety of signs, stalls, and custom patterns for pillows. It’s fun highlighting how creative the community can be. Be sure to visit some of the creators we’ve highlighted, we’ve linked to all of their blogs or social media presence!

10. White Wooden Planks

The original creator of this White Wood Planks path deleted their tweet sharing the creator code, but I’ve preserved it here. It’s a great weather-worn look that complements the beach sand well. Create a juice bar on your beach or distinguish your villager suburbs with a well-worn path. It’s an excellent pattern.

Creator Code: MA-6485-1931-4596

9. Dark Wood Path Overlay Texture

Animal Crossing wood paths

This four-part pattern is a transparent overlay meant to go over the various wood paths in the game. It blends in well with the borders, with the grass flowing over the pattern. It is one of the best transparent Animal Crossing wood paths available. You can place it over any area you’ve laid a path to see if you like the effect. Try spreading it over the different path types to see how the underlying color changes it.

Creator Code: MA-9323-1554-0072

8. Weathered Gray Wood Path

This is another transparent wooden path that can be laid over any Animal Crossing path for a custom look. It’s a weathered gray plank that looks great as a deck or trailing through a bamboo forest. The slightly grayish look of the wood also complements the sand on the beaches very well.

Creator Code: MA-3079-9944-4787

7. Wood Vine Path

Animal Crossing wood paths

Want a wooden path with a little more natural look to it? Check out this wooden plank path with vines growing throughout it. It’s a natural complement to a woody or forested area of your ACNH island. It works well with plenty of the accents we’ve featured on Ninty Gamer including ACNH signs and ACNH panels.

Creator Code: MA-9220-8295-7361

6. Rose Wood Path

This cute little path looks like you nailed together a bunch of rosewood boards to create a unique look on your island. As you can see, it looks great during the spring when the trees are blooming and dropping petals. It also complements bamboo and zen gardens very well, too.

Creator Code: MA-3015-9559-6842

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5. Wood Fairy Path

Want to create a path that goes along well with your #cottagecore aesthetic? Check out this wooden fairy planks path that looks great leading to a fairy circle. It’s also cute leading up to any of your villagers houses, with flowers and clovers sticking out through the wood planks.

Creator Code: MA-0614-5611-3592

4. Round Log Path

This cute little path is only made up of two different patterns, but it’s a gorgeous path for anyone looking for a more natural look. The small log rounds can be laid in a diagonal pattern for a unique look, with white flowers and mushrooms highlighting the path as it continues along your island.

Creator Code: MA-6517-6546-5959

3. Log Path with Clover Accents

The creator of this log path made several patterns that include various shaped logs. The result is a unique look through any forested area. The optional clover highlights really turn this path into something worth downloading to your limited path slots. Check it out if you want a forested cottagecore look.

Creator Code: MA-4471-1720-0257

2. Weathered Brown Wood Path & Stall

This worn brown wooden path comes with an additional stall pattern for displaying your favorite natural items. The path is a two-wide path, so be prepared for that if you plan on using it. It looks great on the beach or on rocks – but it also looks nice in forested areas.

Creator Code: MO-25C3-J3D7-Y3R8

1. Wood Path Variety

Animal Crossing wood paths

Didn’t find any wooden pattern you like? Check out these vertical wooden planks that come in a variety of colors. Each pattern is a 4×4 wooden pattern, so be ready to plan for that. The dark wood is my favorite, but I am also partial to the white weathered boardwalk look of the boards on the far right.

Creator Code: MA-4148-5947-9804

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