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Ready to retreat into the woods to become a forest witch? Take these goblincore games on Switch with you!

Goblincore is a sub-aesthetic of cottagecore, which celebrates wild beautiful nature. Goblincore celebrates the dirtier, seedier, not always beautiful side of nature. Going ‘goblinmode’ is to eschew all societal norms and hole up by oneself. Basically to become feral for a bit.

There are plenty of games on the Switch that embrace the goblincore aesthetic with a variety of playstyles. From cozy games to hardcore platformers, you’ll find something for everyone in this list of goblincore games on Switch.


Wytchwood is a crafting and gathering puzzle game that exudes goblincore influences. You’re a witch who has lost all memory of her spells and in order to regain them, you must help those you encounter in the forest and beyond. It’s a charming little game with a great presentation, but don’t expect it to be a farming game.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is probably one of the games that satisfies the goblincore aesthetic the most. You inherit your grandpa’s old farm which is already in a state of disrepair. You can shape the farm into your own garden paradise while still keeping the wild look around. There’s also an actual goblin to meet if you progress far enough in the game.


Minecraft is the game that kicked off the survival genre more than ten years ago. It’s also the perfect goblincore experience if you disappear into the jungle or aspen forest and become a witch all your own. Building a base that respects the goblincore aesthetic is surprisingly easy in Minecraft. It’s also where anyone who isn’t familiar with survival games should start.

Don’t Starve

Survival game enthusiasts who want to get in touch with their goblin side should check out Don’t Starve on Switch. It’s a bit harder to get started with since you’ll need some basic direction to avoid starving on your first few playthroughs.

However, once you have the early gameplay loop down you can start building the goblincore base of your dreams. Don’t Starve Together is also available on Nintendo Switch now, so you can goblin out with your friends.

Cloud Gardens

Cloud Gardens is a game about regrowing the world after an apocalypse ends everything we know. It’s a relaxing puzzle game about reclaiming the ruins of society with plants that have survived the worst humanity has thrown at mother nature. Anyone looking for a cozy card game with a goblincore theme should start here.


Terraria is another game that allows people to live their goblincore fantasies by building their own base. While Minecraft does have a few bosses to challenge, Terraria is by far the bigger game in terms of new things to unlock and find. It’s also a great multiplayer game for kids on Switch.


Dysmantle is another game about surviving in an apocalypse that takes some inspiration from other survival games. Players emerge from their bunker and must use the resources that are left in the world to survive while above ground. Some of the challenges you’ll face include zombies and other vile creatures.

Hollow Knight

Part of the goblincore aesthetic is also exploring a wild and untamed world. Nothing fits that description better than the tunnels of the Hallownest. Hollow Knight is a gorgeous Metroidvania with some inspiration from games like Dark Souls. Will you uncover the long buried secrets of Hallownest?


Roki is a game about a sister on a mission to save her brother. The game draws heavily from its Scandanavian developers’ roots, referencing creatures from several mythologies. It’s a wonderful little adventure game to play when you want to be a bit terrified of the goblincore things you’re encountering.

Monster Sanctuary

Want a goblincore game that feels a lot like Pokemon? You should check out Monster Sanctuary on Switch. It’s a 2D game about collecting monsters and leveling them up. Some of the monster designs are on the more realistic design, so they celebrate some of the ugliness you can find in monsters. The game itself is a blast to play and should be experienced by anyone who loves monster catching games.

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