Stalk Market ACNH

The stalk market in ACNH is not entirely random. If you are patient, you can cash out for big bells. 

Daisy Mae

Every Sunday from 4 AM to 12 PM, Daisy Mae will wander somewhere along your island. She spawns randomly and seems to walk all over the island, so you will have to search for her.

Daisy Mae sells turnips during this period for a variable price each week. Her buying price is usually between 90 to 150 bells per turnip, sold in batches of ten turnips. Players can buy as many turnips as they want while Daisy Mae is in town, but there are a few caveats.

The ultimate goal is to sell your turnips back to the Nook twins for more than you paid for them. Sometimes that works out in your favor and sometimes it doesn’t. But the stalk market’s prices aren’t always random and you can hedge them in your favor.

Turnips in ACNH

  • Turnips cannot be stored; they must be dropped
  • Their price is variable twice a day
  • Nook’s Cranny doesn’t buy turnips on Sunday

That means you can’t buy turnips from Daisy Mae and immediately sell them to the Nook twins. Instead, you’ll have to drop the turnips somewhere in your house or outside and play the stalk market. 

What is the stalk market in ACNH?

Every day, the Nook twins will offer two prices for the turnips you’re holding. Prices change at 12 AM and 12 PM every day, meaning there is an AM and PM price. Checking prices with the Nook twins diligently means you can spot patterns in turnip prices. 

Note: Never hold onto turnips until the next Sunday, even if you will take a loss by selling them.

The turnips become rotten after a week and lose 100% of their value. It’s better to sell your turnips at a loss and recoup some money than to lose 100% of what you paid. 

Players who plan to play the stalk market often build a fenced-off section on their island. Since turnips can’t be stored away in your house, you’ll need a designated area until you sell them. 

Stalk Market ACNH Tips — Patterns

Knowing when to sell your turnips is part of the fun of playing the stalk market. Since turnip prices change twice daily, that means there are 12 different possible prices throughout the week. Charting these prices can help you spot known turnip price patterns. 

The highest price in previous Animal Crossing games is 800 bells. The highest turnip price in ACNH is currently unknown. The best advice is to track your pattern to help you decide when to sell. Remember, you can sell your turnips at a friend’s place if they have profitable turnip prices—more on that in a second. 

Turnip Prices ACNH — Declining Pattern

You can immediately identify a declining pattern if your Monday AM turnip prices start low. If they continue to sink throughout Tuesday PM, then you have this pattern. 

Prices usually start around 90 to 100 bells and will drop by small increments. The price at the end of the week could be in the teens. Ouch. It’s best to sell as soon as possible if you suspect you may be seeing this turnip price pattern. 

Turnip Prices ACNH — Truly Random Pattern

The random turnip price pattern sees your turnip prices bouncing around all week. Your Monday AM prices may start at 40 and jump up to 300 by Tuesday. You may then see them crash through the roof before going up again on Friday. 

The random pattern is the hardest one to predict when to sell. If you believe that’s the trend your turnip prices in ACNH are following, sell at a profit when you can. If that leaves you selling on Saturday PM at a loss – that’s the stalk market. 

Turnip Prices ACNH — Camel Hump Pattern

The camel hump pattern is pretty easily identifiable and is a reliable way to make money with turnips. The pattern here is a decreased price, followed by three price increases. The fourth price after the three increases will be much higher, and you should sell then. 

A turnip diary spreadsheet will chart patterns for you and help you decide when to sell. You can even map your friend’s data to help them see which pattern they may be on. If you are diligent and check each change, your charts will follow one of these patterns. 

Turnip Prices ACNH — Big Spike Pattern

The big spike pattern is the white whale of the stalk market. It starts with a small decreasing trend. of three points, then three increasing trends. The best place to sell is on the third increased price. Usually, this price over 200 bells, and you should sell immediately. 

The upper limit of turnip prices in New Horizons hasn’t been found yet. In previous Animal Crossing games, turnip prices could range as high as 800 bells per turnip.

Turnip Prices ACNH — Other Resources

Want to play the stalk market like an r/wallstreetbets junkie? There are plenty of community made resources for helping you track your turnip prices. You can write down your prices in a journal, or use one of the tools below.

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