Switch fix Joy-Con disconnecting

Is your left Joy-Con disconnecting while playing games? Here’s a quick fix to try for the issue.

The left Joy-Con on launch Nintendo Switch consoles seems to have a less than reliable connection. Sometimes the Joy-Con disconnecting can really mess you up in games like Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo has addressed the Joy-Con disconnecting issue on its support website. People on the internet with the same issue report varying degrees of success. I’ve encountered the issue myself while playing games and here’s what I’ve found that actually works.

You need to completely disconnect the Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo suggests un-syncing the Joy-Cons and then re-syncing them. Here’s how to do that and fix the Joy-Cons disconnecting issue.

  1. Go to System Settings on the Switch.
  2. Select Controllers and then Sensors.
  3. Scroll down and select Disconnect Controllers.
  4. Now power cycle the Switch by holding the power button.
  5. Turn the Switch on and re-sync your controllers.

This process should fix any periodic de-syncing issues with your Joy-Con controllers. Remember to repeat the process if they start doing it again. The Joy-Con controllers connect to the Switch using Bluetooth 3.0 – a rather old version of Bluetooth.

Remember that distance always plays a role in how well the Joy-Cons stay connected. The Joy-Cons are expected to have an operating range of 30 feet, but that may not always be the case. Bluetooth 3.0 devices may experience latency issues around USB 3.0 devices.

“USB 3.0 devices naturally use cables, however, the cables and the devices connected at each end generate electrical noise over a range of radio frequencies. Unfortunately, the range of frequencies USB 3.0 is allowed to use conflicts with the specific frequency Bluetooth devices all use.

This means that any USB 3.0 port, cable, or USB 3.0 device can emit a radio frequency that may cause interference with any Bluetooth devices you use.”

If your Nintendo Switch is next to your Wi-Fi router or PC, this may be causing issues. For the best results, make sure your Joy-Cons have a clear line of sight to the Switch console. Try to use them within 15 feet of the Switch to fix Joy-Cons disconnecting issues.

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