Throughout your adventures in Hyrule, you’ll need to take time to cook a few meals. Collecting monster parts and goodies in the wild allows Link to craft a variety of elixirs and meals. The cooking system in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is pretty broad. Looking for the best Breath of the Wild cooking recipes to make?

Learn the best BotW cooking recipes for hearts, stamina recovery, extra stamina bars, or even elemental resistance.

Breath of the Wild Cooking Tips

  • Cooking food with two different benefits will cancel out the effects. Focus on one boost at a time, combining foods with the same boosting effect.
  • Every food item in the game has a grade. Combining higher grade item results in a dish that lasts longer.
  • Critical cooks are a rare event that can happen, but are guaranteed during a Blood Moon. You can also guarantee a critical cook by adding a star fragment or a dragon body part. (Note: These items are rare and hard to acquire, so not actually recommended.)
  • Cook a variety of dishes that recover low health, have effect boosting dishes, and cook for long-lasting effects.
  • Throw ingredients like mushrooms or fish directly into a fire to roast them for their health benefits. Roasting an ingredient does not activate its special effect.

Maximum Temporary Hearts

Breath of the Wild cooking items with the adjective ‘hearty’ will grant temporary heart boosts. These items are divided up into grades that provide different benefits. You can see those benefits in the chart above, or reference the list below. These are some of the most important foods for BotW cooking recipes.

  • Grade A – Big Hearty Radish = Full Recovery + 5
  • Grade B – Big Hearty Truffle/Hearty Durian/Hearty Salmon = Full Recovery + 4
  • Grade C – Hearty Radish/Hearty Blueshell Snail = Full Recovery + 3
  • Grade D – Hearty Bass = Full Recovery + 2
  • Grade E – Hearty Truffle = Full Recovery + 1

Maximize your Big Hearty Radish use early in the game by saving them for when you have more heart containers. Since you can only have 30 heart containers, use this guide to create food with the max hearts for your Link.

Maximum Temporary Stamina

There are only a few items in the game that give a temporary stamina wheel. Most of these items use the adjective ‘endura.’ However, the tireless frog is also a temp stamina boosting item.

  • Grade A – Endura Carrot
  • Grade B – Tireless Frog
  • Grade C – Endurashroom

Endura Carrots are the best item in this category because they recover on a scale. Each carrot added to a receipe (max of five) will add 40% to your stamina bar. The recipe for cooking Endura Carrots looks something like this:

  • 1 Endura Carrot – 40%
  • 2 Endura Carrot – 80%
  • 3 Endura Carrot – 120%
  • 4 Endura Carrot – 160%
  • 5 Endura Carrot – 200%

Endurashrooms are much worse than Endura Carrots at recovering stamina. You will need many more of them to create an effect much less. Endurashrooms add 20% for the first three in a recipe and 40% for the final Endurashroom. You can make the most use of these by cooking them by themselves.

Maximum Attack Power

Food items with the adjective ‘mighty’ will increase your attack power when cooked together. These BotW foods are also ranked on a grade scale so some foods provide a bigger effect than others.

  • Grade A – Mighty Porgy
  • Grade B+ – Mighty Carp & Razorclaw Crab
  • Grade B – Mighty Bananas & Razorshroom
  • Grade E – Mighty Thistle, Bladed Rhino Beetle

Attack Power Recipes

  • Cook three Mighty Porgy to get maximum attack buff with 2:30 duration. Using more than three Mighty Porgy in a single recipe is a waste.
  • Cook four Mighty Carp & Razorclaw Crab in any combination for the same effect as three Mighty Porgy.
  • Cook four Mighty Bananas & Razorshrooms in any combination for the same effect as three Mighty Porgy.
  • Cook a single Mighty Porgy with two other attack power effects to get the full level 3 effect.
  • Best Recipe: Cook two Mighty Porgy + three Mighty Thistle to get max time and power on your attack power buff food.

Maximum Defense

Any food with the adjective ‘armored will grant you a defense buff on a scale.

  • Grade A – Armored Porgy
  • Grade B+ – Armored Carp & Ironshell Crab
  • Grade B – Ironshroom & Fortified Pumpkin
  • Grade E – Armoranth

Defense Recipes

  • Cook three Armored Porgy for a maximum defense buff and 2:30 duration. Any more than that and you’re wasting them.
  • Four Armored Carp & Ironshell Crab in any combination will give you the same effect.
  • Four Ironshroom & Fortified Pumpkin in any combination will give you the same effect
  • Cook a single Armored Porgy with two other defense boosting items for a level three effect.

Elemental Resistances

Monster Parts & Elixirs

Monster parts can be added to food ingredients to increase the duration. Parts on this list marked with a skull require at least one Monster part in the recipe or it will fail. If a monster part is added to a meal that doesn’t include an elixir ingredient, it will fail.

Dragon Parts

Dragon parts in Breath of the Wild are extremely rare and should be reserved for creating elixirs you want to last a long time. Shards of dragon fangs, scales, claws, and horns all extend elixir time by different amounts. Star fragments also provide a guaranteed critical bonus effect when cooking.

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