Animal Crossing app

This fan-made Animal Crossing app helps you track your island tasks.

Everybody could use a little help staying on top of their Animal Crossing island. These handy apps from fellow players help you track fossils, visitors, messages in a bottle, and which bugs and fish are active.

My favorite Animal Crossing app tracker is called Unofficial ACNH Guide on Google Play by Gene Sy. I downloaded the app in the early days of its availability and the developer has consistently updated it with new content. The app now offers the following features:

  • Predict turnip prices using Turnip Prophet
  • Villager tracking for gifts
  • Track visitors like C.J., Flick, and Saharah
  • DIY recipe catalog tracking
  • K.K. Slider music albums tracking
  • Redd’s art tracker with real/fake spotter
  • Track active bug and fish information
  • Track museum and fossil progress

ACNH Guide App Photos

Animal Crossing app

Track which fish and bugs are active, no matter what time of day you’re playing. Quickly mark them as caught and donated from the screen to keep tracking those high bell value fish and bugs.

ACNH app

Are you obsessive about filling out your DIY catalog? Use the tracker in this unofficial Animal Crossing app to log every single DIY recipe in the game. The developer is very quick about adding new holiday-themed items.

ACNH app

This unofficial Animal Crossing app tracks all villagers’ likes and dislikes, too. You can see their favorite color, star sign, birthdate, catchphrase, and their type. Like what you see? You can download the Unofficial ACNH Guide on the Google Play Store.

Animal Crossing App – iOS

Don’t have an Android app? Don’t worry – there are some great tracker apps available on iOS, too. Here are just a few of the apps worth mentioning.

ACNH Travel Guide – This app created by Jeffrey Kuiken is available for $3.99 in the App Store. It is just as up to date as ACNH Guide on Android and worth forking over a fiver if you play Animal Crossing every day.

Island Tracker for ACNH – If the ACNH Travel Guide is a bit too expensive for you, check out Island Tracker. This $1.99 app features many of the same features, but the design isn’t as well done.

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