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The latest ACNH update brings Brewster and the Roost. Here’s how to get Brewster on your island.

Brewster, the plucky pigeon barista, has finally joined the Animal Crossing: New Horizons cast of characters in the latest update. He manages a cafe in the museum called The Roost. This ACNH guide will teach you how to get Brewster on your island so you can invite your favorite villagers to coffee.

Brewster is the strong, silent type and loves to collect gyroids. Once you become good friends with him, he’ll offer you ‘pigeon milk’ for your coffee. The Roost contains the amiibo phone that allows you to invite any Amiibo NPCs you may want to enjoy a cup of coffee.

ACNH How to Get Brewster and the Roost

Only the island’s Resident Representative can start the process to unlock Brewster. That’s a fancy way of saying the first person who started playing the game and moved to the island. After you have the ACNH 2.0 update installed, you can speak with Blathers to get the process started.

Blathers will tell you he wants to figure out a way to attract more people to the museum. He thinks a cafe will do the trick. Blathers says he can’t find Brewster and would like some help tracking him down. This involves taking a trip with Kapp’n on his island tours.

how to find brewster acnh

Once on an uninhabited island, you may run across Brewster hunting for gyroids. He’ll give you a gyroid fragment to introduce you to the concept. After that, tell him Blathers wants to see him back on your island at the museum and he’ll agree to come. He asks you to tell Blathers that he’s coming back.

Return to your island and inform Blathers that you found Brewster. Blathers will be overjoyed and he’ll say he needs to close the museum for construction. Brewster and the Roost will become available in two day’s time. The museum will be closed the day after you talk to Blathers for renovations and will reopen the day after.

What Can You Do at Brewster’s Roost?

Brewster serves up a special cup of coffee on your birthday. Be sure to visit!

Once the museum re-opens, you can go and visit Brewster at the Roost. Sit down on a counter stool and Brewster will offer you a free cup of coffee. Sometimes when you visit the cafe, you’ll see another villagers or attendant having coffee. You can talk to them while you wait for your coffee.

Brewster is stand-offish, so he only offers a few limited items at first. You can order a cup of coffee for 200 bells. Drink the coffee immediately like he asks to get on his good side. Visit him three days in a row and drink coffee consistently to be offered the ability to take coffee on the go.

Inviting Animals to the Roost

You can invite any characters for which you have amiibo cards to join you at The Roost. The yellow phone to the left is how you start the summoning process. You can scan amiibo cards of characters who bring things to your island, like Joan. Joan brings along Daisy Mae, who is too young to have coffee. Instead, Brewster offers her a cookie.

brewster serves water

You can also invite your friends to your island and have coffee with them at the cafe. If you’re too poor to buy coffee from Brewster, he’ll offer you water instead.

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