when is the best time to buy switch games

If you’re new to the Nintendo Switch ecosystem, you may be wondering when is the best time to buy Switch games. This guide will highlight common sale times and a tool you can use to track low-priced Switch games.

The Switch digital game library is full of great games. But nothing beats getting those great games at amazing prices. Much like Steam, PlayStation, and ✗ box, the Nintendo eShop has regular sale periods that can be pretty much counted on to happen. These sales events often coincide with major holiday seasons across the globe including Black Friday, Christmas, Golden Week, and Mario Day (March 10).

Most major holidays in the United States are accompanied by an eShop sale. What games go on sale rotates weekly on the eShop, with new deals becoming available at 10 am PT, every Thursday. Have a specific game you want notifications for? The wishlist feature is great for that, but there’s a community-driven tool that’s even better.

Tracking Prices on Switch Games

Nintendo offers a wish list feature to track games you may want to buy in the future. But the feature isn’t very robust. It will only notify you every time the game goes on sale, and once you do buy the game, the wish list doesn’t delete it. The result is being notified that games you already purchased are on sale again. A member of the Nintendo Switch community has built a much better tool to notify you of games on sale on the eShop and in physical stores.

  • Sign up for an account on Deku Deals.
  • Start by finding a game you want to be notified when it goes on sale.
  • Deku Deals will show you the current eShop price, as well as a historical chart, so you can see when the game last went on sale.
  • Click the ‘Add to…’ button in the top right and choose add to wish list.
  • Want to change how Deku Deals notifies you about this game? Click ‘edit details’ and you’ll be presented with this pop up.
how to find good switch games on sale

Under desired price, you can choose at which price you’ll receive a notification. You can choose by percentage off or a flat dollar amount. You can also choose ‘all-time low’ so you’ll only be notified at the lowest price drops. Choose whether you receive notifications about physical sales in stores, only eShop deals or a combination of them both.

There’s also a spot for you to write notes to yourself about the game—maybe if you want to remember who recommended the game or some other personal information.

Shared Wishlist Feature

The wish lists you create on Deku Deals are either public or private. Creating public wish lists allows you to share the wish list with family, friends, or online communities like on Twitch. Just make sure to curate the wish list when you do obtain one of the games you placed on it.

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