Animal Crossing paintings

These player-made Animal Crossing paintings look better than anything you can buy from Redd.

Are you looking for unique artwork to decorate the walls of your home in Animal Crossing? These player-made creations look like something you might find in a museum. From botanical drawings to cute cottage paintings, these ACNH paintings are adorable.

I wanted to highlight some of the best original artwork I could find among the community. Be sure to check out all the creator codes listed – these paintings are from extremely talented creators.

15. ACNH Paintings – Bugs & More

This creator has several paintings that are a homage to the many bugs, fish, and fossils in the game. Dragonflies, butterflies, mushrooms, and flowers also feature under this creator ID.

These ACNH paintings are great if you’re going for a scientific look in one of your rooms. They also look good on panels near the museum as displays outside Blathers’ abode.

Creator Code: MA-0680-3435-4149

14. Cottage by the Wood

Animal Crossing paintings cottage

This creator has a variety of Animal Crossing paintings in this similar style. Most of them are variations of a cottage near woods or a field.

They’re excellent creations that feel at home in any decor. Check them out at the creator code below.

Creator Code: MA-4541-7992-9677

13. Academic Animal Crossing Paintings

Animal Crossing paintings

These Animal Crossing paintings look excellent hanging in an office or museum decor. The highly detailed bug and butterflies are my favorites – especially the scorpion panel.

If you have a room displaying all of your Flick models, these ACNH paintings are the perfect complement.

Creator Code: MA-3769-2284-6304

12. Moon Phases Painting

ACNH paintings

This moon phase painting is a great complement to any room where Celeste’s decorations are present. It is a lovely black and white and looks great with any of the available wallpapers. Check it out at the creator below.

Creator Code: MA-1942-2688-6127

11. Famous Paintings

Animal Crossing paintings

This creator tried their hand at some famous creations from artists like Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali. They’re more pixelated than the similar paintings you may acquire from Redd, but they’ve got a lot of charm.

Creator Code: MA-2788-6830-5258

10. Seasonal Calendars

Animal Crossing paintings

Want a calendar for each season of the year? This Animal Crossing painting creator has you covered. I only featured the Summer calendar in the preview. This creator has calendars for Spring, Fall, and Winter, too.

Creator Code: MA-5304-6119-8111

9. Fake Window Blinds

This creator wanted a way to add multiple windows to a room in Animal Crossing. These fake window blinds are actually canvases, but they look nice. They won’t let in any natural light either, but that doesn’t matter.

Creator Code: MA-2573-3202-8369

8. Abstract Bird Paintings

Animal Crossing paintings

This community creator wanted more abstract art in the game, so they created Audobon abstract artwork. There are at least six of these and the creator may have made more Animal Crossing paintings since the time this article goes live.

Creator Code: MA-9087-1972-6489

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7. Shell Paintings

Animal Crossing paintings shells

Love the scientific look of having ACNH paintings of items already in the game? This creator has paintings of each of the classic shell designs including coral, cowrie, conch, and scallop.

Creator Code: MA-1737-8665-7298

6. Golden Frame Mirror

Golden Frame Mirror

This submission from an Animal Crossing community creator is ingenious. This Animal Crossing painting looks like an old-fashioned gold framed mirror. You can’t actually use it like mirrors in the game, but the illusion is nice.

Creator Code: MA-4013-2434-7459

5. Botanical Fruit Paintings

Animal Crossing paintings

The Animal Crossing paintings of this community creator are featured several times in this article. This person has drawn botanical drawings of fruit, flowers, and more. They’re excellent drawings for greenhouses and other botanical projects.

Creator Code: MA-5150-0242-8566

4. Botanical Bells & Turnips

Animal Crossing paintings

From the same ACNH community creator above, these botanical drawings of bells and turnips look great. They’re a great way to accompany your orchard if you grow trees in a specific spot on your island.

Creator Code: MA-5150-0242-8566

3. Abstract Fruit Drawings

ACNH paintings abstract fruit

Don’t like any of the ACNH paintings that feature fruit so far? Maybe these abstract creations from a community member will inspire you. They’re the perfect complement to any greenhouse, orchard, or garden layout.

Creator Code: MA-7842-5811-5225

2. Famous Artwork

This creator’s take on famous paintings in Animal Crossing is worth showcasing. Especially Da Scream and Mona Lisa. Check out the creator code for more examples of gorgeous Animal Crossing paintings.

Creator Code: MA-6772-2948-5119

1. Leaves Art

Animal Crossing art leaves

This creator brought some of the plants featured in the game to life in their Animal Crossing paintings. These creations look great in a bathroom, greenhouse, living room, or office.

Creator Code: MA-5838-1448-1345

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