Tired of paying full price for Nintendo eShop gift cards? Here’s a nifty trick that will give you $5 upfront and up to 10% off of your future purchases. I’ve saved over $200 from buying eShop gift cards this way just over the past year.

It’s a great way to save some cash on your eShop purchases, especially if you play a service game like Warframe or Smite. These eShop gift cards can be used to purchase platinum in Warframe and gems in Smite. Or get some of the best indie games on Switch and save cash while doing it. Save $5 by signing up for Raise.com and get up to 10% off all future eShop card purchases.

How To Get Cheap eShop Cards for Nintendo Switch

First you’ll need to sign-up for the gift card reselling website, Raise.com. The website regularly offers Nintendo eShop gift cards in varying denominations for up to 10% off. People buy these gift cards when they’re on mega sale and then offer them for sale on Raise.com, so you can get a good deal no matter when you’re shopping.

Raise.com also has an affiliate program to encourage new users to sign up. It offers $5 off to new users and $5 to the person who referred, so it’s a win-win situation for us both. You’ll earn $5 towards your first purchase and I’ll get $5 to continue covering quality Nintendo games for NintyGamer.com.

Raise.com will ask for some verification information to make sure you own the debit card you’re using. After that, you can make multiple purchases without needing to verify each one (as long as you don’t change your payment info). Raise often run deals for an extra percentage off certain categories or site-wide.

You could save $5 plus up to 10% off your first gift card purchase if you buy one during a sale.

I’ve started using this method to buy all of my eShop credit and I have not yet had a problem with a code not working. The site has a one-year money back guarantee on all of their cards, so in the event that you do get a dud, you’re covered by their site policy.

Cheap eShop Cards @ Raise – Proof

I bought a $35 eShop gift card during the Father’s Day promotion and saved nearly $10.


I bought $100 worth of eShop gift cards to take advantage of Nintendo’s voucher deal. I ended up paying around $87 for $100 of eShop credit. New Raise members can save even more with the $5 sign-up bonus.

A cursory scroll through my Raise.com account shows I’ve bought over 60 eShop cards from Raise. Most of those cards have been $35, but I have bought $20, $50, and $100 denominations. I’ve never had a problem with a code, so I definitely recommend Raise.

When Switch games already come with a ‘Switch tax’ its important to save money any way you can. You can use eShop gift cards to buy digital games, in-game currency, Switch game vouchers, and NSO subscription time.

Raise eShop discounts vary depending on the person selling the card and if any promotions are going. On average the eShop gift cards seem to hover around 8.9% – 10% off, with additional 5% promotions available around holidays.