how to create diagonal paths in acnh

Spiff up your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island with diagonal paths. Here’s how.

Some of the best islands you can explore in the dream world are loaded with cute diagonal paths. Have you been curious how these are created, but haven’t quite worked it out? Check out this quick tutorial and some great examples of creator codes intended to be used to create diagonal paths in ACNH.

How to Create Diagonal Paths

Creating a diagonal path in Animal Crossing: New Horizons involves many pattern slots, so be sure you’re ready for the investment. Depending on how many ways you want the path to be able to go, you’re looking at lots and lots of paths to get it right. The process also involves lots of erasing to get the path just the way you want it.

Refer to the video above, created by redditor Naeta_arts to help you learn how to create diagonal paths that are smooth on either side.

Diagonal Paths Creator Codes – ACNH

All of these diagonal paths were created by the Animal Crossing: New Horizons community from all over the world. The original creator has been given credit with a link to their social media profile where appropriate.

Brick & Cobblestone Diagonal Path

a creator code profile

This diagonal path uses a unique dual tone look to give the appearance of a brick street with a cobblestone sidewalk. It’s an excellent look for a more urban environment aiming for the cozy cottage feel. Need some cottage core inspiration to go with your gorgeous new paths?

Creator Code: MA-7209-5987-4531

Diagonal Dirt Path

This gorgeous dirt path matches the original dirt path as closely as possible. Kudos to @nanashina0 on Twitter for creating such an amazing diagonal path for ACNH fans to use. The beautiful bits of grass that are attached to the pattern match almost perfectly, too.

Creator Code: MA-0113-8641-2188

Leaf Brick Diagonal Path

This is one of the best diagonal paths to use for islands who want a gardener aesthetic. It is also one of the smallest detailed diagonal paths in the game, thanks to clever use of the pattern space. The creator of this Leaf Brick path for ACNH is @kii_acnh.

Creator Code: MA-2425-9010-3488

Curved Brick Diagonal Path

curved brick path

This cute curved brick path takes up quite a few spots to achieve it’s look, but it’s undeniably beautiful. If you want to create a bunch of winding brick roads on your island, you’ll be hard pressed to find something better. This design comes courtesy of @rinnekira on Twitter.

Creator Code: MA-9611-6541-4595

Faded Brick Path

This cute brick pattern is designed so that it fades into whatever the grass looks like on your island. That means no matter what season it is, this path looks great. There are also enough tiles that you can create a diagonal path in any direction, making it a very versatile look for any island. This path comes courtesy of @ren04at on Twitter.

Creator Code: MA-2070-7720-6103

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