is the sea of stars demo any good

Do you love classic turn-based RPGs, but hate how tedious the mechanics can be? Check out the Sea of Stars demo for a refreshing take.

Classic turn-based RPGs from our childhood have massively influenced a resurgence in pixelized indie games in 2023. While you may have fatigue with ‘just another indie RPG’ you shouldn’t let Sea of Stars go under your radar for long—especially if you’re a fan of the original Chrono Trigger.

The demo available in the Nintendo eShop is relatively short and provides a good mix of what to expect from the game when it comes out in June. The environment traversal for a 2D game is second to none as you can freely move in and out of the water and climb rocks just like a 3D game. Check out this video of exploring the port town of Brisk to see what I mean.

The combat provides a unique challenge because it combines a combo system with attacks, skills, and spells. Fans of turn-based combat will be right at home with Sea of Stars. Monsters always appear on the map, so you don’t have to worry about random encounters, either.

The demo available on the Nintendo Switch lets you explore a minor dungeon and solve a puzzle to help out the people in the port town of Brisk. It’s worth checking out if you enjoyed other games on the Nintendo Switch like Eastward and Earthbound—narrative JRPGs that focus on telling a great story. Sea of Stars appears to be joining the ranks of great narrative games on Switch. We just have to wait for June 2023 for it to release.

Did you check out the Sea of Stars demo? What did you think about the combat or the pixel art? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We’re eager to play this one after checking out the Sea of Stars demo and we think you will be too.

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