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Curious about the rare Switch consoles from around the globe?

Some of the rarest consoles weren’t ever available for purchase by the public. Some were giveaways for specific games, while others were gifts from companies to employees. Check out this list of the rare Switch consoles, with help from Console Variations. We used their ranking system based on how rare the Switch console is – so all of these are legendary rank.

10. Legend of Zelda Console

Zelda Switch rare

This custom Zelda Switch console was created for the Zeldathon Twitch event. It’s estimated that between one and fifty of these consoles were created to give away. Zeldathon is an annual charity event where streamers play every entry in The Legend of Zelda on Twitch. Anyone who donated $50 to the charity stream was entered to win this bundle.

9. Gold Hob Console

rare switch console

The Hob Gold Switch console was part of a social media and video creation contest for the release of Hob. The giveaway was sponsored by Panic Button, Perfect World Entertainment, and Wood BeatEmUps. All winners also received an eShop code for Hob: The Definitive Edition.

8. Doom Eternal 25 Console

Doom Eternal Switch console

To celebrate the release of Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch, Bethesda created a unique prize package for the Slayers Club. The winner of the promotion got a unique Switch console, custom art prints, and more. There are estimated to be between one and fifty of these consoles floating around somewhere.

7. Brawlout Console

Only one of this bundle was made available online to win via social media when Brawlout released for Switch. The bundle included a unique themed Switch, dock, and a GameCube controller to play the game. You can check out Brawlout for free on Switch now.

6. Hob Console

rare Hob Switch console

Perfect World Entertainment partnered with Gamespot to give away two regular Hob consoles on its social media channels. You could receive several chances to win the console by liking tweets, Gamespot on Facebook, and other social actions.

5. Vaporum Console

rare switch console

The publisher of Vaporum contracted ExtremeConsoles.co.uk to create this customized Switch for the release of the game. Vaporum is a grid-based dungeon crawler with a heavy narrative story with heavy BioShock influences. This console is an original grey Nintendo Switch that was customized exclusively for this release.

4. Blazblue Centralfiction Console

Blazblue Centralfiction

Arc System Works created this custom Blazblue Centralfiction Switch console to give away for the release of the game. It features a blue and white-themed look with the Blazblue logo on the back. The dock is also themed to match with the logo. While you can’t get anything like this from retailers, you can get close to making your own.

3. Skyrim Console

bethesda Switch console

To celebrate the release of Skyrim on Switch and PlayStation VR, Bethesda created two custom consoles. A Skyrim-themed PlayStation 4 Pro and a Nintendo Switch were given away as part of this promotion. There were two winners of each console, so there are two of these bad babies available out there somewhere. Winners of the console were notified via Twitter.

2. Mainlining Console

rare nintendo switch consoles

Only one of these Mainlining Switch consoles produced as a giveaway contest for the release of the game. Signature Edition Games hosted the giveaway via social media and the winner has never placed it up for sale. The Switch is designed to look like the North American version of the SNES.

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1. Starlink Console

rare switch console

This Starlink console is the rarest Switch console ever offered. It was only available in Germany at the release of Starlink: Battle For Atlas. It was given away as a promotional item, featuring blue and orange Joy-Cons and the Starlink logo on the back. Nintendo’s Star Fox tie-in helps make this console bundle rare.

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