Where to buy a Nintendo Switch

It has been harder than ever to find a store that has the Nintendo Switch in stock. Demand for the Switch is at an all time high, thanks to many people being stuck at home. Most stores are out of stock, but they don’t stay that way forever. You can periodically find Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles in stock if you are diligent.

Here are a few places you should start your search for where to buy a Nintendo Switch online.


Stock of the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are periodically available on Amazon. The grey and yellow Switch Lite is the most commonly available SKU. Sometimes third-party sellers will try to sell their stock at a $30 to $50 premium.

Only buy if the page says ‘ships from and sold by Amazon.com‘ to avoid these Switch scalpers. Nintendo charges $299 for the regular Switch and $199 for the Switch Lite. Sometimes bundles that include a microSD card cost more. You can typically get a memory card cheaper if you buy it separately.

Where to Buy a Nintendo Switch


Even if your local Gamestop is out of stock, you can find Nintendo Switch on their website in bundles. These bundles typically cost at least $360 and usually include one game and a case. Gamestop knows people will by these bundles, so they often keep stock to make these bundles. Check Gamestop’s website if you’re okay buying a Switch bundle. Gamestop also sells the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a pretty reliable place to find the Nintendo Switch online, too. Occasionally, the retailer will offer a good discount on games and accessories when purchasing a new console. Best Buy Rewards and members also save 10% on their first purchase, which is a pretty good discount if you don’t mind signing up.

B&H Photo

While the website tends to be geared toward photography equipment, B&H Photo does sill the Nintendo Switch. Occasionally you can find consoles and games at a pretty good discount. The site also has a used department, so check there if you can’t find one anywhere else.


Swappa is a great place to find gently used cellphones at a great price. Now, you can sell consoles and video games on the platform. You can even set up email alerts to notify you the instant a Nintendo Switch is listed on the site. Swappa requires photos with a unique identifier in them, so you can be sure you are getting the console pictured.

Nintendo Store

Nintendo occasionally sells refurbished Nintendo Switch consoles for $259 on its website. These officially refurbished consoles come with the same one year warranty that new Switch consoles enjoy. You can also find refurbished Joy-Cons available occasionally.

Facebook Marketplace

Your local Facebook marketplace is another good place to find a Switch for sale. Sometimes you can find people selling a Switch bundle witha few different games for a reasonable price. Just make sure you read the description carefully and ensure the device isn’t banned. Ask to see the device working and connected to the eShop before you make a purchase.

You can also check your local Facebook haggling groups to see if anyone has a Switch for sale. Large cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York often have large and active electronics swapping scenes. As always, ask to confirm the Switch you are buying works and is not a banned console.


Mercari is another great place to shop for a Switch online. You’ll need a smartphone and the Mercari app for iOS or Android, and a phone number to get started. You can ask sellers about the item and for more pictures. It’s a great way to find a used Switch for sale online. If you sign up using my referral link, you’ll get $5 off your first purchase in the app. This offer is only available to first-time signups.

Where to Buy a Nintendo Switch

There are a few automated tools that can help you find new Switch stock online. These tools monitor online retailer pages to send instant alerts when new stock is detected. These services monitor several major retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, B&H Photo, and several other retailers. Receive an email, tweet, or a push notification on your phone when Switch stock is detected.

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