Did you buy a digital game card for Nintendo Switch at Target that doesn’t have a code? Here’s what you should know.

When you buy a digital game card at Target, the game code is not on the actual card to prevent theft. Instead, the code is printed on your receipt after you pay at the register. That means the little checkout card is essentially worthless once you’ve paid and have the receipt in hand. DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR RECEIPT.

I threw away my Target receipt with my Switch game code.
What should I do?

If you lose the receipt, you cannot go to Target and have them reprint it. However, if you happen to have the receipt number (if you made the purchase in-app), you may be able to call Target guest relations and have them locate the game code on the receipt.

If you don’t have the receipt number, but do know the card you used–Target may be able to help you again. If you call guest relations and share the last four digits of the card used and around the date it was purchased they may be able to locate the receipt this way. The actual store workers at the Target where you made the purchase probably can’t help you if you lose the receipt–so be nice to them.

Without those details, Target Guest relations cannot help you retrieve your game code. This goes not only for digital Nintendo Switch games purchased at Target, but also Xbox, PlayStation, Robux, Minecraft coins, and any other digital currency available for purchase online. Always keep your receipt in hand until you have the item redeemed on your Switch, console, or your in-game account.

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